Online Dating Apps: Creating a First Date Without Going on One

Before I start this I would like to state that I am not against people trying online dating apps, or would look down at anyone who uses them. I personally am a social person and would much rather prefer meeting people out and about instead of online!

These online dating apps although helpful to people who just want to meet someone new and try and get out in the dating world but may have trouble or be too shy to do it in a social setting is revealing more than the user may want. They are opening their lives to anyone whom they may or may not ever meet. To me this is defeating the purpose of a first date and takes away from having things to talk about, although some may see this as a way to have topics of discussion, I think it takes away from finding out those interest’s by talking in person as apposed to just messaging them online and never actually meeting them.

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Online dating has created first date scenarios without ever even actually going on a date, according to Maureen O’Connor of who expresses how she can fufil her need for “romantic notoriety” without ever even going on a date with people she matched with on dating apps such as Tinder or Hinge. These “online” dating apps allow users to view friends in common on Facebook, as well as common interests you can “like” or “dislike” these people until you match and then message them achieving a hypothetical “first date” without even leaving the comfort of your home or even meeting said person that you matched with. A major downside that O’Connor states that she encountered was awkwardly running into people that she had matched and talked to but never actually met in person. This creates a awkward situation that I do not think any person wants to ever happen to them, to me this is one of the biggest reasons that I think that these apps are ruining the social aspect of going out and meeting someone new. It makes these awkward situations that we would never have been put through if you would have just gone out and tried to meet someone at a social event or something besides online dating apps.

To me these online dating apps are ruining the dating world, they are allowing you to meet people without the actual realism of going out and meeting them at social events or in social settings, it allows you to just sit on your couch and with the swipe of your finger to find people who you may or most likely never meet in person.

Another negative aspect of these online dating apps are that they allow anyone you match with to look you up online on social media sites or even just in Google where they can find out things about you that you may have not wanted to be shared with a complete stranger.

In today’s world you can find out almost anything about someone, just by clicking a mouse and surfing the web. Social media has turned “getting to know someone” into getting to know someone with out even talking to the person or even meeting them! Facebook for instance has photos, posts by you, even a list of all the pages you like which could include political views, movies, artists, actors, charities all things that you follow in your life and they are viewable to anyone with a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

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So does this ability to find out ones interests and views ruin the whole aspect of a first date? The time where you meet someone for the first time and get to know them during that time….the answer is to me yes it does. Technology has allowed us things that previous generations have never had to experience, and that is that you can find out pretty much anything you want to know just by looking them up online. I believe that it kind of ruins the aspect of getting out there and meeting new people, and that people need to get up off the couch or chair and get out there and experience life!!

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