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Could a digital Aristotle be a possibility in the near future or are we already experiencing this right now? The video above discusses the idea that someday we will be able to be taught by computers. Not just learn through using them but actually be taught. 

While today we have the ever expanding interwebs at our finger tips with millions of books, learning sites, and tutorials this new idea gives a program the ability to teach you personally. This would revolutionize teaching and would be more cost effective. When I think about the money that is spent on text books each semester and how they often go to waste when most of the time I


am able to look information on the internet. It is faster and more efficient(unless of course there is no internet connection) but while having access to an infinite amount of information I find that I often don’t retain the information that I learn while researching on the internet. I will keep the information for the temporary time that I need it and then it is soon forgotten. But when I think back to when I’ve had professors tell me story’s in history class or a math teacher break down a problem step by step I am still able to recall and remember the information almost clear as day.

So how can we get this with a computer program? Well digital Aristotle would actually teach you. It would adapt to your learning capability and learn how best to teach you, moving at your pace and your learning ability. This would change the way in which we teach new generations and would help cut back on expenses tremendously. So what are we waiting for? Unfortunately we are bit


off from reaching the point of having our own personal philosopher right in our own home. Though we are not far. Vulcan, Inc. has been in the process of developing their very own digital Aristotle over the past decade. Though it currently goes under the codename Project Halo. But Khan Academy has similar programs, offering a wide variety of subjects and ways to learn free of charge. And if watching videos is more your style then CrashCourse has an extensive library of lectures. I actually took some time to try it out and the programs really do work well. You don’t feel rushed or under pressure like you might in a classroom setting and if you are struggling you can ask for hints and they make sure to thoroughly explain the subject matter.

So while we wait to have our own Aristotle tutor we can rest easy knowing that if we are not able to work with a clear head in classroom environments or simply want to go at our own pace, that shiny technology has plenty of options for us to choose from.

Plus there’s always Google

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