Media is a way we communicate through such a variety of books, TV, radio, movies, the Internet, magazines, music, vlogging, so on and so forth. What difference does it make if we add the word Christian in front of media? I think we can all agree that it makes a huge difference because it’s media that has just been put in a category that people avoid or run to. This blog is not going to be tearing down Christian media or any other form of media—not worth it in my eyes. This will be encouraging us as the Church to respect Christian media even if it’s not our preference.

As a Digital Media major, it comes oh-so-easy to criticize the quality of media especially Christian media compared to what the world’s offering. Yet, as a Christian, I feel convicted why I’m criticizing Christian media in the first place. If we call ourselves Christians, we can’t be frustrated with Christian media because God has provided us with options, variety, and even free will—Christian media is just one category of media in general. Also, Christian media is a broad category that holds