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photoNamemajorgrad yeartitle
Daria Norris MIS 1994 Web Application Developer
Lindsey Carson CIS 2010 Business System Analyst
Blessing Chimbindi CIS 2012 Implementation Consultant/Software Engineer
Gabe Duran CIS 2013 Associate Analyst
Xavier Ortiz CIS 2012 Associate Application Developer
Daniel Eisenberg CIS 2009 Senior Business System Analyst
Jeffrey Sussenbach CS 1999 IT Director
Brian Cullison CS 1994 Coordinator of Strategic Partnerships
Brian Rynearson CIS 2008
Dan Coulter CS 2001 Software Development Engineer
Christian Stoneburner CS 2008 System Analyst
Matthew Whitten MIS 2007 End User Computing
Jeff Hodson CS 1986 Senior Director and Product Manager, Zang Cloud (CPaaS)
Kevin Conder MIS 1992 Application Developer
Lewis James CS 1990
Matthew Wright MIS 2007 Network Administrator I
Blake Moyer CIS IT Department Leader - Branch Development
Paul Ferguson CIS 2013 Software Developer
Trenton Dahnke CIS 2008 Operations Process Specialist
Kyle Littlefield MIS 2003 Project Specialist, Customer Care

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