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photoNamemajorgrad yeartitle
Kevin Conder MIS 1992 Application Developer
Matthew Wright MIS 2007 Network Administrator I
Blake Moyer CIS IT Department Leader - Branch Development
Paul Ferguson CIS 2013 Software Developer
Trenton Dahnke CIS 2008 Operations Process Specialist
Kyle Littlefield MIS 2003 Project Specialist, Customer Care
Shirley Ono Stackhouse MIS 1999 VP Professional Services
Tony Speck MIS 2006 Principal Lead, Training Ops
Steven Hoffmann CS 1992 IT/Web Director
Josh Wheeler CIS Sales Associate
Jeffrey McDonald MIS 1999 Unix Platform Engineer
Eric Inman MIS 1999 Technical Solutions Architect
J. Philip Rice MIS 1985 Vice President - Technology Services Manager - Chief Engineer
George Peters CS 1992 Associate Professor of Mathematics and Department Chair
David Kessinger MIS 2002 Associate Director of Financial Aid
Aaron Morrison CS 2002 Software Engineer
Jonathan Urshan CIS 2016 GIS Technician
Josh Garcia CIS 2014 IT Support Technician
Marcia Freeman CIS 2016 IT Generalist
Michael Schurter CS 2004 Nomad Engineer

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