Total Records Found: 86
NameMajorGrad YearTitle
Robert Hager CS 2004 Software Engineer
Jimmy Menk DM, CIS 2015 Junior Back End Developer
Jesse Shaw CIS 2011 General Manager
Carl Salz MIS 2001 Senior Vice President, Client Information Strategy
Matt Bauman CIS 2016 Audiovisual Technical Specialist
Paul Younker CS 1987 Director of Information Technology
Dan Green MIS 2006 Executive
James Rantanen CS 2005 Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead
Jon Jacobson MIS 2002 Informatics Analyst
Russell Foster CS 1992 Network Engineering Services
Phu Nguyen CIS 2010 Business Intelligence Engineer
Alex Thompson CIS 2014 IT Support Analyst
Brandon Hill MIS 1993 Vice President of Life Calling and Integrative Learning
Vignon Oussa CS 2005 Math Professor
Andy Kaufman CS 1989 Software Engineer
Oleg Golovay DM, CIS 2011 IT Manager
Jonathan Dargan MIS 1998 IT Network Administrator
Matt Schuman CIS 2014 IT Engineer 2
Aaron Colflesh CS 2003 Programmer
Jim Michael CS 1994 IT Manager

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