Total Records Found: 289
NameMajorGrad YearTitle
Naphtali Marshall DM Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
Shirley Ono Stackhouse MIS 1999 VP Organisational Development
Kevin Kirchner DM 2008 Founder
Taylor Neal DM 2017 Submarine Electronics Computer Field
Jeff McCullough DM 2003 Pastor
Morgan (Johnson) Gilmore DM 2016 Graphic Designer
Chase Ribble DM 2006 Pilot Instructor
Paul Anderson DM 2016 Videographer
Josh Bales DM 2010 Studio Supervisor
Michael Trieb DM 2013 Graphic Designer
Sean McFarland DM 2015 Digital Media Specialist
Jennifer Grote MIS 2005 Data Analyst
Daniel Covert DM 2012 Analyst, Planning
Aaron Brewer DM 2005 Mobile Expert and Merchandising Manager
Logan Freitag DM 2017 Tech
Zach Bonner DM 2014 Audio Video Technician
Tyson Stakes DM 2013 Pharmacy Technician
Stephen Hillrich DM 2017 Regional Director
Robert Docherty DM 2002 Creative Arts Director
Nick Robertson DM 2012 Owner

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