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Michael Trieb DM 2013 Graphic Designer
Josh Wheeler CIS Software Tester
Ryan St. Hill DM 2014 Accounts Payable Manager
Kelsey Neier DM 2017 Graphic Designer / Project Manager
David Koberczky CIS 2017 IT Associate
Rebekah (Dothager) Simmonds DM 2016 Graphic Designer
Glenn Owens DM 2016 Audio Engineer and Production Assistant
Eric Swanson CS 1994 Senior Software Engineer
Kimberly (Minshall) Fred DM 2012 Graphic Designer
Anthony Mataraza DM 2010 Desktop Support Analysts
Josh Sheldon DM 2009 Photographer
Holly Davis DM 2009 Web Content Manager and Videographer
Noah Henry DM, CIS 2016 Associate Software Engineer
Thomas Hajny DM 2016 UX Designer
Chris Johnson MIS 1999 Cyber Security Compliance Strategist
Kevin Kirchner DM 2008 Growth Engineer
Mark Dwomoh MIS 2007 Operations Quality Assurance Analyst
Jared Smith DM 2005 Digital Marketing Strategist
Chris Pitzer DM 2005 Senior Web Engineer
Kerry Layton other 1985 Marketing Director

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