Total Records Found: 288
NameMajorGrad YearTitle
Talia (Velasquez) Duncan DM 2002 Merchandiser
David Hechler DM 2008 Lead Web Application Developer
Enoch Poon CS 1986 President
Kyle Karcher DM 2008 Youth Ministry Director
Amy Sandman other 2005 Principal Enterprise Architecture, Audit, and Governance Program Manager
Troy McKeown DM 2010 ServiceNow Technical Specialist
Joel Goodman other 2006 Principal
Chris Voth DM 2008 Director of Programming
Andy Barker MIS 2003 Owner
Paul Shriver DM 2010 Owner, Soul Proprietor
Carmen (Randall) Sutter DM 2009 Custom Services
Alan Morford DM 2005 Communications Operations
Josiah Katz DM 2008 Design Director
Josiah Lightle DM 2007 Online Editor and Assistant Offline Editor
Nick Marques other 2005 A/V Engineer, Programmer
Kelsey Kuethe Goldsmith CIS 2013 Client Services Representative
Bethany Vieth Speier CS 2004 Photographer
Zach Morris DM 2005 Director of Digital Marketing & Operations
Kyle Weber DM 2005 CEO
Charlie DeVos DM 2009 Music Producer

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