Total Records Found: 288
NameMajorGrad YearTitle
Devon Meadows DM 2013 Co-Owner / CEO
Deloy Cole CS 1984 Chair, Digital Media Department
Debbie Hubbard CS 1985 Senior Programmer/Analyst
Deanna Mulholland CS 1984 Assistant
David Kessinger MIS 2002 Director of Financial Aid
Daniel Gula DM 2008 Content Creator
McKinley Watson DM 2015 Sales Manager
Curtis Blackwell DM 2009 Lead Developer
Curt Ellis DM 1983 Principle Owner
Bryan Perry DM Photographer
Casey Kalas DM 2013 Programmer
Carl Shotsberger DM 2011 Property Manager
Brian Starkey DM 2014 Entertainment Technician
Brandon Runyon DM 2009 Senior Systems Analyst
Bobby Pease DM 2008 Senior Manager
Blayn Beck DM 2002 Technology Generalist / Technical Solution Innovator
Beth Albee DM 2011 Traffic Manager
John Smith DM 2012 Video Director/Editor
Anna Brannon DM 2017 Freelance Graphic Designer
Baylen Whitfield DM 2017 Camera Operator

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