Total Records Found: 288
NameMajorGrad YearTitle
Austin Stephens DM 2015 Video Editor
Arley Cornell DM 2013 Animator / Illustrator
Jessica Bolin DM 2013 Graphic Designer, Marketing Specialist
Rebecca Conner DM 2010 Systems Administrator
Kimberly (Minshall) Fred DM 2012 Art Director
Matthew Wright MIS 2007 Associate Analyst, System Administrator
Tyler Oesterreich DM 2011 Capital Finance Manager
Joey Seabaugh DM, CIS 2016 Associate Quality Engineer
Kalynn Pierce DM 2018 Consultation Agent
Matthew Kerle CIS 2016 Software Engineer
Shawn Hubbard DM 2006 Director of Future Development
Chris Nowicki DM 2005 Functional Manager
Dave Francese DM 2011 Frontend Developer
Briana Phillips DM 2016 Technical Designer
Brooke (McIntire) Smith DM 2016 Marketing Communications Specialist
Joel Bannister DM 2009 Social Media Specialist
Devin Moroney DM 2011 Owner
Anthony Mataraza DM 2010 Mobility Specialist
Tyler Lamb DM 2015 Video Production Assistant
Kyle McFarland DM 2013 Samsung Experience Consultant Lead

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