Total Records Found: 268
NameMajorGrad YearTitle
Brian Starkey DM 2014 Entertainment Technician
Brandon Runyon DM 2009 Systems Analyst
Simeon VonBerg DM 2013 Partner
Bobby Pease DM 2008 Manager
Lucas Harger other 2012 Motion Editor
Joel Bannister DM 2009 Technical Care Specialist
Logan Elam DM 2012
Adam Taylor DM 2010 Outbound
Tony Speck MIS 2006 Principal Lead, Training Ops
Steven Hoffmann CS 1992 IT/Web Director
Michael Caroleo DM 2012 Owner
Jeffrey McDonald MIS 1999 Unix Platform Engineer
Dustin Damitz DM 2008 Marketing and Public Relations Manager
Brandon Heimsness DM 2009 Telecommunications Systems Technician II
Morgan Johnson DM 2016 Graphic Designer
Caleb Thomas DM 2005 Art Director / Production Animation Manager
Joshua Bond DM 2008 Graphic Designer
Eric Inman MIS 1999 Technical Solutions Architect
Zach Monts DM 2006 Emergency Room RN
J. Philip Rice MIS 1985 Vice President - Technology Services Manager - Chief Engineer

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