VISTA (student magazine)

Visual Editor, Vista
Work in tandem with the Content Editor, photographers, designers, and printer to give the magazine an attractive unified look. Encourage the pursuit of excellence in the design of magazine and related projects. Help develop and monitor the house style for use of and magazine logos, maintaining visual identity and consistency across the brand. Recruitment and employment of the magazine design team. To check that stock art costs on magazine are kept within agreed budgets. The ideal candidate has significant experiences of leading a team of designers, is a big picture thinker, has good communication skills including the ability to communicate design/photography concepts, and is passionate about the publication and its target audience. If interested contact

Dustin Higginbotham
Dustin Higginbotham, Visual Editor

Graphic Designer(s), Vista
Responsible for designing pages for any or all sections of the magazine while striving to continually push and explore the visual direction of the layout, informational graphics, advertising, and photography while working with the Vista Visual Editor and Vista Design Advisor to maintain a unified branded publication. The ideal candidates are ambitious conceptual thinkers with strong typographic skills, can meet deadlines, and maintain a positive attitude. If interested contact

Amanda Kessinger
Amanda Kessinger, Graphic Designer

Anna Brannon
Anna Brannon, Graphic Designer

Garrett Streeter
Garrett Streeter, Graphic Designer

Bryson Buehrer, Photographer
Bryson Buehrer, Photographer

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