I Ain’t Got Time for That…


This blog was a great transition from last weeks topic. We are always on yet is it for the right reasons? For one, I am always on the interwebs even before starting to work. How organized are we really?  Seeing this past week I was super busy and thinking I was getting things done. The feeling of “holy cow, did I get everything done” is amazing. Not only do you feel accomplished, it is a sigh of relief.  So on Monday before class,  I went to check all the syllabi and found out I forgot to do something. Freaking out, I wondered if it was important. Luckily it was for make-up times for a class.

WIN_20140915_185158That one example made me realize that I do not have a set schedule. Yes, I do write things in my planner. I know what I need to do mentally, but I think I need to have some sort of technology reminder as well. As we talked about in class people do not understand that students like us sometimes cannot get off the computer. It is out major, it is not like education, biology, or business. As a digital media student, I tend to be on the computer even in class. What if there was an APP that would have a planner within it so I could post thoughts, notes, and other important things that reminds me every so often. It would be so easy, and since I am on the computer constantly…I will see it more often then my planner.

Take people who do not get that option. Even 10 years ago technology was a big thing, but not as it is today. People did not have digital planners, tablets (that are efficient as today) and other devices that are standard today. Using a planner is sort of one of those things where I need to do it but then I forget to write in it. I always start to do good at the beginning of the year but when a holiday or break comes up I tend to forget I had a planner. Although this semester I seem to be keeping track of everything.

For now, I plan on using my paper schedule book. But for future take a look at these online planners. These can be found a smart phone or online!

Screenshot (70)The website myschoolbinder.com is a strictly online organizer. This would be good to keep open if you are constantly browsing online or having to do work there, myschoolbinder.com will be the best option. There is no need to sign up for anything, you can get online and start planning. I am not too sure if I would personally like it, but when I was researching online planners this was on the top of the entries.

Feature1The next website I found was mystudylife.com This can be found on the web but mainly on a smart phone. I thought this app seemed easy to understand and is simply what it is made for. You can do things such as create tasks, make a schedule, or even just quick notes. I am assuming it is free. Since we are either on the phone or even on the computer like I said before, so you can maintain organization through web or your smart phone.

photo (5)Finally I looked through my iPhone and found an app called Schedule Planner by Intersog. I am not sure if this is for Android, but this was found in the iPhone Apps store. It is very popular having 4.5/5 stars with 219 users rating it.  Like the other two programs, this lets you quickly create tasks to help you throughout the day. There is a setting for hourly schedules or even just notes. There is a unique chart that can show you how much time you spend doing what activities throughout the day if you plan on scheduling the who 24 hours. Out of the three, I would recommend this first.

So whether you like a plain planner thrown in your bag or an app on the phone, there are many ways one can stay on task. Although we have a lot of distractions that keep up from focusing we can always use a little list of some sort. No matter what we try to get done, try and stay on top of things at the beginning so at the end we are not finishing at the last minute. At the start of a new week, write down what needs to be done throughout the week and schedule other miscellaneous things around them! It has worked well so far with my time!

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