I Remembered to Put a Title on this One

ALL IS LOST! And now that I have your attention: ALL IS LOST! Privacy, that is. We barely have any of it anymore. Unless you’re a hermit that lives in the middle of the jungle with absolutely no electronics, then you have a lack of privacy. This is because your electronics and your online presence give away so much of who you are.

That little smart phone device in your pocket, or currently in your hand, is one of the biggest culprits. It’s got wifi and gps on it, which means as long as the battery is in it, it can be tracked, whether it’s on or off. “Oh well that’s a good thing,” you may be thinking, “If little Timmy gets lost in the woods, he can be found easily by tracking his phone.” Yes, this is true, but harm can also be done, and a lot of it. Let’s say you meet a new friend. He seems cool and you add him as a “friend” on Facebook. But really, he’s not cool. He’s extremely uncool, because he’s plotting to steal everything you own. And it’s super easy for him. He’s got you on Facebook, so now he knows your interests, your hobbies, your schedule, and where you live. Then, the night he decides to rob you, he clicks on “friends near you” on his Facebook app, which tracks users wherever they go, and he sees that you’re not home. He breaks in and steals everything. The only thing he leaves you with is a broken heart, because you just lost a new best friend. That’s just one of the many scenarios that could happen.

Here’s a very lengthy video of a talk teaching electronic privacy.

Cyber security is quite important, and it seems like we’re getting less and less of it. The government can track everything, and it does. Edward Snowden and Wikileaks tried to expose the government for what it is, and they succeeded. But also paid the price for it by being accused of treason. It got quite a stir out of the American people, but it didn’t last long. We know what’s going on, but I don’t think we care enough about it. We’re too fat and lazy, with the government’s fast food being shoved down our throats, to get up and do anything about it. I’m just sitting here on my couch blogging about it. Like that does a lot. And my laptop has a camera on it. Is someone watching me type and eat my poptart? Eh, whatever. Some people have tried to expose the government and the higher powers, like in this powerful video.

Ok, I’m kind of getting off topic. So what can we do? The obvious, cliche answer is put down your devices and go outside. I’m actually for this. I love being outside and doing stuff with friends. Another thing to do is not put all your information online. Some people just go crazy with their online presence. Some people get so detailed you could find out their shoe size. Don’t do this. Yeah, it’s fun to share all this stuff with your friends, but not just your friends are looking at it. If it’s online, it’s open to everyone. Another thing would be to only talk to people in secure, isolated places. The government is tapping your phone and listening to everything you say, so don’t use it, it can’t be trusted! Ok, the actions are a bit extreme, but the government listening to phone conversations is true. It’s really just a machine that goes through and picks out key words that may alert danger. So just don’t be an idiot and say stuff like “BOMB!” or “NUCLEAR STRIKE!” or “I’M A TERRORIST!” Those would be really dumb things to say.

If you haven’t been affected by cyber security, there’s really not a lot to fret about. I haven’t been and it’s really just whatever to me. Yeah, be safe with it, and as long as you keep that in mind, everything’s going to be just fine.


Revelation 20:12 – …and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is [the Facebook] of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the [Face]books, according to their work

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