Is Technology Making Us Fat?

Technology, this is one thing every single person in our world today knows about and uses on a daily basis. Technology is constantly advancing and making simple everyday tasks almost effortless. The more our technology advances the easier tasks become the more lazy and dependent we become, but does that mean that we as the users are going to become fat?

With things like online shopping, apps for ordering food and having it delivered to your home without even having to move farther than to your door. Technology is making us as human beings lazy. We can check in on loved ones by texting them, checking their social networks, or even video chatting with Skype. If we want to watch any kind of movie or show its all a click of the remote away where you can watch entire series on Netflix or order new movies on demand! The way technology is set up in today’s world we almost never have to leave our homes. This is becoming an problem that is only getting worse as we further our advancements in technology that we use today.

With an increase in time that people are using their computers, playing video games, and watching tv is causing a rise in obesity rates. According to a study conducted by Miliken Institute in California have made direct links with the rise in obesity in over 27 countries worldwide from 1988 to 2009. The study also showed that with these technological advances the obesity rate will only rise as our screen time increases. The United states is the biggest offender of this with the highest obesity rate in adults at 34%, but with our obesity rate rising every year there are other countries like China whose obesity rate has nearly doubled from 2002 to 2009.

Personally I think that technology is leading to obesity, with us becoming more and more dependent on our devices rather than getting up and going out to do it ourselves. I myself am a big offender of this, I’d much rather shop for clothes, games, movies, etc online then get up drive to a store and walk around trying to find them in a crowded store. The same goes for entertainment, though i am an avid fan of the movie industry and I constantly go to the theaters, I will sometimes stay at home and turn on netflix or search for those movies online to stream them for free. There are days where rather than go workout or do something productive I stay at home on the couch and watch tv or play video games because its the easier choice and takes much less of an effort.

So does that mean we have the same future as the people from Disney Pixars Wall-E? Where technology has advanced so far and the obesity rate as become so high that we as humans are too lazy and dependent on our devices to even walk?



I certainly hope not as this human “dystopia” sparked a lot of controversy with it being either a real possibility or just a made us scenario by Disney for comical effect. I think that as scary as this is, it really is a possibility though technology is not the only thing to blame for obesity it does play a big factor.

But is all technology bad? No there are many important and useful things that our devices and technology can be used for. For example in the medical field technology is depended on for research and other numerous reasons. Technology can also help you change your life and become more healthy, with workout plans, diets and devices that help you keep track of overall health. The internet is constantly being updated with helpful ways to eat healthy and exercise daily. And that barely scratches the surface on the positives of all of this technology.

Technology is made to make our lives easier, which is causing us as human beings to become dependent and lazy. I believe that as more new devices and apps come out we will become less likely to have to get up, go out and do it ourselves. Which in the long run will only affect our bodies and our overall health negatively.

Just ask yourself do you want to end up like this? (See youtube video)



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