Lights, Camera…Non-Violent Action?


Disclaimer: This is MY opinion, just because I have a view that may not be ‘pleasing’ to others…hear me out.


Think about your favorite movie. Is it action, is it a romantic comedy? Now take a moment and think about what happens within the film. What parts of the film makes you like it? After thinking about it, realize this…would it be appropriate for your church to play it? Depending on what you like, mine wouldn’t be. For instance, one of my favorite movies is “Law Abiding Citizen“. The whole movie is about a guy (Gerard Butler) who is seeking revenge for the murder of his family. In one scene, the places a small weapon inside one of the judges cellphones and when it rung…well if you put two and two together you get what I am saying. For what it is worth, Law Abiding Citizen a great action movie although there is lots of violence and mature subjects. Now that I think about it, I have to ‘think’ why I do call thing a favorite. Do I enjoy Gerard Butler setting up these traps and killing in the name of vengeance Or is it because its just Gerald Butler. Anyway I have just always enjoyed that movie and is one of the few that I could watch over and over.


Let’s take another example of a movie that I would definitely not like my church to see yet I ‘obsessed’ over. It was during my high school years that I became a fan of the Saw films. When I was younger I would watch these nonstop. Have marathons even getting ready for the new release of another thrilling movie. Yes, now that I look over that now, I find it silly and humorous that I anticipated each film that was produced. In the view now thinking as a Christian, why does this excite me? I mean, it is a movie about a guy who is literally playing ‘God’ because of these people who did not have a real good life up to the point they got into the game. Deep into the gruesome parts of the movie did make me squirm a lot, but to look at it now it makes me realize that this did not make me any less of a Christian I am today.

  This is a key into what I wanted to talk about. Yes, I would never show those movies to my church but watching those kinds of movies did not influence me to do bad things. That is what is kind of wrong with the Christian culture. They assume that bad music or movies like I gave an example from above will make me or others want to do those things. For one…it is a movie. It is made up, unless it is based on a true story. Secondly, if we are so naive to think that ‘oh, since that guy was seeking revenge, that is how I should do it as well…’ then you were not mature enough to watch such film. Sorry for the rant, but it is more difficult to explain to people that just because I watched “Law Abiding Citizen” does not mean that I will portray such actions or feelings towards everybody. It is sort of like some of the things that are related to the Bible. Since we learn about crucifiction does not mean that we are going to do that to people who do wrong. Should we give ‘x’ amount of lashes for someone causing an accident? No, of course not. But yet we do not censor that from the bible, so why judge it from the real world?

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