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[blockquote author=”Gary Turk”]I took a step back, and opened my eyes, I looked around, and then realized that this media we call social, is anything but when we open our computers, and it’s our doors we shut.[/blockquote]We spend the majority of our days surrounded by our phones, computers, televisions, smart watches, etc., and the debates that come from this always involve out ability to pay attention and learn. Having this fast paced, quick-worded, instantaneous lifestyle must prevent our attention span, right? Our intelligence is obviously withering away as we focus on a small screen only a few feet from our faces, correct? We always look at this effect on ourselves as a result of constantly being connected to everyone else. But what we don’t think about is how technology is slowly crafting us into antisocial hermits.

Spoken word artist Gark Turk, writer and director of the video below, really puts the ignorance of people in perspective. After watching this video I quickly changed the topic of this post, due to the hard hitting and close to home visuals.

One of the most frightening parts of this video is when he mentions our children, and how things are not as they were. [blockquote author=”Gary Turk”]We’re surrounded by children, who since they were born, watch us living like robots, and think it’s the norm. It’s not very likely you will make world’s greatest dad, if you cant entertain a child without a using an iPad. When I was a child, I would never be home, I’d be out with my friends, on our bikes we would roam. We’d ware holes in our trainers, and graze up our knees; we’d build our own clubhouse, high up in the trees. Now the parks are so quiet, it gives me a chill to see no children outside and the swings hanging still. There’s no skipping or hopscotch, no church and no steeple, we’re a generation of idiots, smart phones and dumb people.[/blockquote]

kid ipads


We as adults, without realizing, pass on our habits of drowning in a constant wave of technology onto the next generation. Infants and toddlers in today’s society are becoming exposed to this isolation and constant lack of attention at a much earlier age than any other previous generation. The potential for disaster this has is incredibly high. With this much early exposure, and lack of socialization, children are at a higher risk. This lack of socialization right from the start, almost ensures that the child with have little to no person skills, and that he/she will do well in any social situation. [blockquote author=”Jim Taylor”]The bottom line is that too much screen time and not enough other activities, such as reading, playing games, and good old unstructured and imaginative play, will result in your children having their brains wired in ways that may make them less, not more, prepared to thrive in this crazy new world of technology.[/blockquote]

The one part of technology that children don’t experience but that affect adults the most is probably the constant access to social media. Before the days of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Etc., in order to contact someone you had to call them or find them and speak to them in person. But now, we know where people are, what they are doing, who they are with, at every second of everyday.This knowledge that we have instant availability to, makes the need for face to face communication, obsolete. And if we were to ignore every other aspect of technology today, this could still singlehandedly cause someone to turn into a antisocial hermit.

So what do we do then? How do we as people in the middle of an antisocial uprising, prevent this?

Putting down the technology and just talking to someone  can have a large impact on your life without you realizing it. Save time in your life, to ignore your phone and media, and instead immerse your self in human interaction and human experience.



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