Read This, Then Go Outside

It’s no surprise with our technology today that we could constantly be online if we wanted to. And unfortunately, a lot of people choose to do this.  I’m not saying that being online is bad. I think that the technology and the resources that we have available to us now are amazing. But there is definitely a line that can be crossed to too much. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. When our online self overpowers and takes over for our offline self, that’s when it becomes too much. Social media can be a great thing. Friends are easily accessible and it’s easier to keep in touch with old friends. You can also broadcast your interests, which is either good or bad, whatever you decide that it is. But even so, spending a lot of time online on social media can be damaging. It’s not really you. It’s who you want people to see you as. It’s hiding behind an online facade. We should be out actually talking to people and saying hello.

We’re actually doing a very similar sermon series in church. Our pastor talked about how even simple technology has changed how we interact with people around us. The invention of air conditioning made it easier for people to be inside. Before that, people would sit on their porches and talk to each other. Then, the attached garage made it so that we didn’t have to leave our house to get to our cars. The garage door opener made it so we didn’t even have to get out of our cars either. The answering machine made it so we didn’t have to pick up the phone to see who it was. Then caller ID just made the process faster. We’ve become secluded from the world around us.

So there are the bad things about technology and being online, but what about all the good? Well for one thing, I’m typing this and you’re reading it on a computer. It’s a means of communication that wasn’t possible 20 years ago. And cell phones help us to reach people easier. No more calling house phones and hoping that people are there. And the smart phone puts the internet at our fingertips. Need to know something? Look it up. Gotta check to see if there are any events happening on campus? Look it up. Want to know how the football game is going? Look it up. As much as it separates us from other people, technology also makes us closer. It’s a much smaller world because of it.

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