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Privacy has decreased from year to year. It seems as though more things are going digital rather than on paper. I first noticed this once when I was going to the dentist. I had to fill out a paper form but also I had to sign a waiver saying that I agreed to them using digital filing. I have also had a friend who their job was to convert old paper files into digital files. This took MONTHS to do. It was for an insurance company. Although it does seem like a nice way to go with things, it was only temporary. Just imagine what seems like converting from analog to digital looks likes to our parents. Do you think that they would ever think all your personal information would be on a computer?

Have you ever “read the terms of agreement for anything. Do you think they really want us consumers to read all the 30 pages of text for using iTunes? To me, it is sort of ridiculous. To rebuttal that, when something DOES happen to our account, is one of the first things that they ask is…”Did you read the terms of agreement”? I have never read any of that, because it was a waste of time and did not really concern me. Thankfully I have not had any type of privacy issue under those “terms”.
There was a time a few years ago where someone got into my Facebook and deleted some friends, changed my password, and I could not log back in. After I reported it, I just decided to delete that account and then create another Facebook account…though I was slightly sad because I had a lot of things on my old account because I had it since 2006. Anyway, it is amazing what a difficult password can do for your safety. Luckily I am more careful with passwords and such.

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The point to this blog is…why are we always so vocal on so many other things? I have always wondered why people are so private about God. It is like we are afraid of offending people by being vocal about our passion for Him. Think about it, we can post what we ate for lunch, post where we ate the lunch, and even take a picture OF the food we ate…yet people do not extort Christianity like that? What if we all posted about Communion per say. Let’s create a status about “today is communion day #blessed”. Then, let’s make a tweet saying “wow, it is so #amazing to see so many here in #church. #communion #blessed #GodDay”. FINALLY, let’s post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag Communion. It is interesting to look at Communion in that spectrum. Do you think Christians would be offended about this? I like seeing posts with inspiring scripture, but I would feel a little uncomfortable seeing Communion being said like that.
Christians today have so much more media in their hands to get the word out. Most people think you have to have music or even movies to spread the Christian lifestyle to others.  Everyone was born with an opinion. Just because someone may not like what you have said should not determine what you post on YOUR newsfeed. Just be you! It does not have to be so obnoxious like the example I gave, but it is just so amazing what giving some positive posts throughout the newsfeed once in a while can spark a Godly conversation. Start off with just posting positivity, scroll through the negative, and start a trend!

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Source: pencilleddaydream.com


Let’s not be so private about God but be more private on other worldly things. #truth.

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