File Sharing- The Mana of Gaming


  1. the practice of or ability to transmit files from one computer to another over a network or the Internet.

In our everconnecting world, file sharing is becoming an increasingly popular way to transfer data. Various programs and sites such as Dropbox, Limewire and more allow users to upload files, and share them with anyone of their choosing (Or even keep these files for personal use). The inter-webz is increasingly becoming the dumping ground for our digital content. And particularly for gamers, this dumping ground has become more of a treasure trove of possibilities.


Mining for Treasure

File sharing has impacted the gaming industry in a MASSIVE way. File sharing websites allow gamers to continuously enjoy the games they love in an expanding list of way. And better yet, gamers can easily share and download game related content with the click of a mouse. This game related content allows gamers to build upon games and add more depth.

Before and After Mod Image by
Before and After Mod
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For example gamers can download:

-Custom characters

-Costumes and wardrobes




-Landscapes and environments



And so much more


Literally anything you can think of can be downloaded with a bit of skill. Particularly gamers find ‘”gold” in the form of DLC and Mods. But before we get carried away, what exactly is a DLC, or a Mod?

Glad you asked!


DLC’s, aka Downloadable Content is additional gaming content that the company creates to further enrich a game experience. For example, Let’s say you’re playing a classic game of Mario Party on you’re good ‘ol…Nintendo. It may be possible for you to download a DLC that would change Mario’s iconic red and blue outfit into a totally different costume. Let’s say just say-a neon clown costume- for kicks and giggles. The only catch is that DLC’s usually cost a bit of change. But for many, the knowledge of knowing that this content will work seamlessly with the game pays off. Companies such as Bethesda and EA Maxis offer a ton of downloadable Content for many of their games.

Check out: Awesome DLC

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But for those individuals like me, who are “ monetarily conscious” there is an excellent alternative: Mod’s have entered the gaming scene as an excellent (and many times better) alternative. Just like DLC’s, Mods are also downloadable gaming content. However since they are created from a third party source (gamers like you and me), they are typically free. Unless the content is super amazing, then the third party may attempt to charge.

Mods in general have a reputation for being a “grab bag” sort of deal. Meaning that sometimes the content can be incredibly good, or incredibly crappy from a quality perspective. And especially since Mods are created by different people, you have to be especially careful that a virus is not attached to your download. This is a problem that you’d never have to worry about when it comes to DLC. While there is a slight risk, many gamers believe it is worth it.


Where to Find Goldmaxresdefault_6932172_lrg

There are a numerous ways to track down some sweet DLC’s or Mods. In the case of DLC’s, check the particular gaming companies website out. As for Mods, they can literally be found anywhere. Especially since every day gamers create them.

However before you waste time of downloading content that you may not like, look for a preview of the content. This can be done by watching a YouTube video on the particular content you are trying to download. Many sites will also include a screenshot and description of how to content looks in the game. READ THE DESCRIPTION. ESPECIALLY fit is a Mod. Usually vital download instructions are included there.


When Mods and DLC are done correctly, they can incredibly enhance game play. Literally any game you can think of probably has content available. For example Minecraft, Skyrim, Fall out Three, The Sims

Just to name a few. It just requires a little tech savvy and a lot of patience. But the end results are well worth the effort.

So to my gaming friends I say,




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