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“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.” – Freeman Dyson

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As we talk about earlier in this class ,we decided that technology is everywhere. We can’t escape it. As we walk from class to class there are millions of Wi-Fi and satellite signals bouncing from phone to phone to computer to satellites to internet routers and so on. Technology is everywhere and we are able to use it from almost anywhere. So if technology is everywhere, can answer almost anything, and can help out with many life’s complications, does it somewhat symbolize God?

Growing up being a Christian, I always thought of the idea that God is everywhere to call for help and to answer questions in a spiritually sense. We turn to religion and God when are going through positive and negative times in life for a way to make sense of life. So if we have an open mind with this topic, is there anyway at all that technology can symbolize God? Since God technically created the idea of technology in order for human beings to invent it, we can’t instantly shoot down the idea that technology wasn’t suppose to symbolize him.

Over the years technology has been developing rapidly. Personally I think most of the technology that we have isn’t necessary but what does that even mean anymore. Even though technology devices and services are created in order to create business and money, it is important to realize where I am coming from when I say that technology could symbolize God. After doing some research on many topics of what people think how technology serves as a tool of God’s, people may disagree on the idea regarding how technology can be used to symbolize God.

Just as Jesus and the disciples did, technology was at one point use mainly just to communicate and spread the news. Now maybe if Jesus had some sort of communication device, things may have turned out way different. But when we first started to use phones, computers, and other devices, we used them in order to communicate with others. In today’s world with being able to view anyones online life with the use of social media, its amazing how much power when communicating using technology. Not to compare God to any human being, but technology it some way does give us power to do a lot of cool things. But I like to think If technology was to go obsolete tomorrow, would future generations look back and call technology magic?

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Now for the people who think technology is a negative thing and has nothing to do with God, we must ask ourselves how does our generation even find out anything about God now a days? Besides the bible, I believe we use many ways of technology to figure out the ways of Jesus. Was there no sort of technology back when Jesus was spreading the word? Just because modern technology all requires electricity, doesn’t mean that’s how it has always been. I think Jesus always had the “latest technology” of his time when it came to his methods of spreading the word.

Personally saying that technology doesn’t deal with God sounds little funny comparing today’s technology and God. To piggy back off what we were discussing in class on the idea of Jesus having Twitter, I think he would. Since Twitter is a normal part of our social media, I think there has always been something that could relate to Twitter back then that has dealt with being social. I like how we spoke on the fact that our class naturally thought he would have been popular like we think of him now. But I found it interesting that we came to a conclusion that he would have probably have the same fans/followers as he did then. But I find it somewhat funny thinking about how the Roman’s didn’t understand Jesus’ messages using regular mouth to mouth communication, I wonder how they would have felt reading Jesus’ tweets.

The video below is not only a history lesson, but also is an interesting way of expressing how Twitter would have been used if Jesus used it…

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