Remixing Remixes That People Have Remixed


Being a DM student can be tough. The majority of the work that you do is coming from your creativity and also from a computer. Rarely are there times where we have hand written homework or tests. Not only is this nice on many levels, it can cause some conflicts. Digital Media has been a big influence for me. Since it was my initial major from the get-go I have been building up for all the projects have came. From computer programming to digital photography, it has been a challenge for my creativity.  One thing that I have experienced is wondering if I am doing something someone has already done for a project. It always goes through my mind and I always want to be original.


Even from the beginning of highschool, I wanted to be original. Time and time again did I see people being influenced byothers. Even in classes, their work would be nearly the same thing. An example would be from the Yearbook class I took my senior year. As the editor, I got to look at peoples pages as they submitted them for review. Most of the time the same people would work on the same pages. This grew to doing the same thing for all their pages. When a color yearbook is going to be printed, you want some personality. When the pages start to become the same it gets boring. Once the pages got changed, it was such a difference.  As time grew on, I knew the only way to stand out was to think differently. I think that this helped me out spontaneously. I like thinking outside the box and creating new ideas. Yes, I do know that some ideas were taken from different references but the fact I could put them in a different perspective is sweet. Even my English teacher liked the fact I was different. She always gave her seniors awards, and mine respectfully was “daring to be different”.

The downfall of this is when you can see people copying your work. It is interesting to be the artist and people are TAKING your likeness and making it their own. Not only is it offensive, it can also be flattering. My mom always says; “imitation is the most sincere form of flattering” but to me it is totally not what I need. First off, I have never been ‘copied’ before. It is just weird to me that people would want to do something just like I created. Once you are successful at something, others want the same response. In return the want to do the same formula as you created.

So where am I going with this? Everything that has been created…has been a thought, comment, or theory someone else has had. I have always wondered who created what things that keeps on getting remixed. I have also wondered what defines something has plagiarized or just a reference. I mean, when someone full out copies something that is plagiarism but does being influenced by an artist the same thing?

As strange as it is, the world of art and media is a very unique world. We have so many things out there that can create a spark of interest for anything. You could be influenced by such little things like an article of clothing, a pen, or even a song. I love the creativeness that comes out when people explore their projects. We all need to watch out for those who may want to be like you. It can be flattering but also hard to realize that people could use the work YOU created.

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