Technology and…God?

You usually don’t think of one when you think of the other, at least I don’t. Of course, God can be found via technology and can maybe even be found easier thanks to technology. More people can be reached and a lot faster than in the past. However, do the good things outweigh the bad? Of course, with technology so many things are easier to do and can be done quicker. Accessing things like porn, alcohol, and even gambling can be found without leaving your room. Technology is clearly a gift from God, even though it has been man made. Without God we wouldn’t been given the ability to create what has been created. So, then why is it we don’t seem to see God in it that often? How much of it should be used to glorify God?


Of course, the things we do are supposed to glorify God. However, that’s for people who follow Christianity. Not meaning other people shouldn’t try and glorify God, but meaning that not everyone believes the same things as we do. Not only that but you have to think that they believe their faith is just as true as we believe ours is. That being said, technology can advance thanks to someone who is glorifying God, but that doesn’t mean that the technology needs to be used to specifically further growth with God or bring others to him. Many things like cars, phones, computers, and even programs on computers can be used for a number of things that don’t link directly to God. And just a few blogs ago I talked about how films that are directly showing God never seem to turn out any good. Makes you wonder if the same thing would apply toward technology. Maybe all that matters is that technology can be used to glorify God, not that it’s sole purpose is to do so. Something in the same vein of interpreting a film as Christian when it is not labeled as such.


jesus computer

An important point that this article from brings up is that technology is part of God’s plan. You can’t really argue against that, considering it wouldn’t exist if he hadn’t had a say in it. In the article it is mentioned that God created mankind and gave us creative ability, without such we wouldn’t be able to create the things that we have. Maybe some things are created that seem to demean God instead of glorify Him, but in the end it is all part of His plan. Then why does it seem like so many church’s and people of the church are afraid of technology? Well, it doesn’t help that they seem to be afraid of science as well. Why is that though, when most science isn’t set out to specifically go against God. An article from relevant magazine lists 10 reasons why Christians should care about science, and I think it’s about time people start to.


It’s really hard to say, for me, how often we should be seeing God or glorifying Him through technology. Of course, I’m sure you can find bible verses that could back up what you believe should be said or done about the matter. The problem is, not everything follows the bible in life, and most importantly not everyone believes it is the truth. People have their own faiths and follow their own beliefs, some of which have nothing to do with the God of the bible. I think that technology can be used in your own way, and therefor if you want to use it to glorify God you can. Whether or not it was made specifically to do so doesn’t matter in the end, it’s all about how you use it. But, I think we can all agree he has nothing to do with those stupid FaceBook posts.


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