Technology and God’s Glory

How many people today, use technology? How many of those people believe in God? How can we change these numbers using technology? These are all questions we should be asking ourselves, as Christians living in today’s society.

Being a Christian, we have certain duties expected of us. One of these duties is to spread the word of God, and to show people his Glory. Throughout history, methods of obtaining information has changed, and with growing technological advances, information is accessible in the blink of an eye. The same goes with sharing information. If you need to get a document to a friend, you don’t have to drive hundreds of miles to give it to him. You can simply text it to him, or attach in to an email, and it’s all good to go.

This idea of instant communication and easily accessible information, as well as other reasons, play a huge role in how Christians today, including myself, share the Gospel. And I’m just going to touch on a few in this post.


1.     Technology allows for a larger area to be covered

This one is huge in our modern world, due to the fact that everyone is connected. Meaning that, if you need to get an piece of information (ie. a sermon, or encouraging scripture verse) to someone, then you can send it to numerous people
simultaneously. In my church back in New York, this is used several times a week. With several youth groups, adult groups, and services on Saturday and Sunday, having this large group of communication is crucial. Although this does not directly  point to God’s glory, this allows us to setup these possible opportunities, and in large numbers.

This point can also be used indirectly to show people God. If you were to post something on a social media site, someone who may not have an existent faith may see it and be moved in a way that you would have never thought of. Having this enormous outlet for potential evangelism is a key element that has been given to us via technology.


2.      You have access to any resource, at any time

This one is useful to me very often. Say hypothetically, you find yourself in a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe in God, and they have numerous, detailed questions for you. Being just an average person, with no extensive and thorough knowledge of the Bible, you may not be able to answer these with confidence. But! Because of today’s technology, you are able to pull out your smartphone, look up resources from other scholars, priests, bloggers, and other people of your faith, in order to help answer your friend’s questions and further your discussion.

Having unlimited access to basically everything that has ever been thought of, thanks to Google, gives us confidence as well as knowledge into situations that we may find ourselves in, when evangelizing. Technology allows us to find the right answer and to better discuss God’s grace, instead of speaking on things that we may not fully understand ourselves.


3.      Technology modernizes the Christian faith

This one is relatively self explanatory, but important nonetheless. Traditions and practices within the Christian faith, change with time. If we were to use the same methods of evangelism and practice the same methods of preaching as they did thousands of years ago, people today would show no interest in Christianity. With short attention spans, and the need for entertainment, people find themselves unable to sit through certain services. But when technology is introduced to a church, things can become more “interesting”. With new music, better sound systems, lights, projectors, etc., people find themselves getting their spiritual needs as well as their entertainment needs.  This one is debated against a lot, but I think that as long as it is done within reason, that all of these pieces included in larger churches. actually assist in furthering God’s Kingdom.

Technology and humans are so intertwined, that anyone who tries to resist it is basically cutoff from the rest of the worth. So as Christians, we should try to work with it and find more and more uses for this technology, instead of fighting it and finding all the holes in it. Technology is a wonderful thing and if we aim to further God’s kingdom with it, then we will find that it was put here by God to help us. Technology is and always will be changing. So why not use it to spread his word.

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