Digital Journalism: Does This Mean the End of Print?



Over the last decade there has been a decline in print media, this is due to the Internet and rise in Digital media. Not only can they get you the news faster but also they can do it in a more efficient way, as the user you are one click away and are free to anyone with a laptop, tablet, or smart phone in today’s world.


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Since 2000 there has been a steady decline in print media especially in the newspaper industry, in 2013 newspaper print dropped -8.06% and digital media/journalism has been on a steady rise and was up +1.50% in 2013. This increase is something that has been long in coming, with my generation being in the technology age where almost everything is becoming digitalized and the media including newspapers, and magazines have had to make the adjustments by putting their news articles not only in their papers but on their websites as well.


News companies such as New York Times, Chicago Times, and the L.A. Tribune have lost money in their stocks for newspapers, but are making up for it in the rise in their online media stocks and have almost tripled in the last decade. This is becoming a very realistic thing where print media is becoming less and less popular and soon could even become non-existent in place of the new digital world.

I personally would not be surprised if newspapers were stopped from being produced, I never read the newspaper in fact the only thing I really have used the paper for was for stuffing my soccer cleats to dry them out after practice or a game in the rain. Newspapers are a dying breed, growing up as a kid I remember having the paper delivered to our house every day in our driveway, nowadays I cant remember the last newspaper my house has been delivered.

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Online papers (Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, etc) have found another way to bring income than newspaper print subscriptions, each papers websites have a subscription offered for your computer and tablets. The New York Times for example offers a subscription, which includes newsletter emails, and notifications on developing stories sent to your email when the articles are published. I think that this is a very helpful to the user and provides an option that print media doesn’t give us, digital journalism gives us a heads up on breaking news sending us notifications to things we aren’t even aware have happened. This is a major benefit in my eyes to digital media.


To me it makes life a whole lot easier when I want to read an article of importance whether it be in local, international, sports, or even entertainment news I don’t want to have to flip through page after page of a newspaper to find these articles. I think that being able to open my laptop or the internet on my phone and type in what I am looking for then getting a direct link to numerous written articles from multiple news and media companies at my disposal is incredible. According to in between 2005 and 2013 print advertising and journalism had dropped 50% with much of its business migrating to online publications.


People believe that with the decline of print media there will be a decline in quality journalism. I do not believe that quality journalism will decline. There are many articles online that are poorly written and even have false statements, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of real journalism will decline, there are numerous journalists who have their articles published not only in newspapers but also published online that are of high quality and thorough journalism.


Digital Journalism is a rising form of journalism and someday will completely replace print media. It has already replaced print as the main source of our news when being an easier and more accessible way to get our news.

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