Everyone’s a Critic

Welcome to the age of digital journalism, and everyone and their dog is doing it. We all of access to the internet and to communication over the internet, which makes everyone a journalist. Even those who aren’t trying to be journalists, are. Now in this post, I’m going to refer to a journalist as someone who relays information or news.

5 posts down the morning after.
5 posts down the morning after.

Let’s start by discussing the situation in Ferguson. I was fortunate enough to have watched it live on TV on the news. That’s considered digital journalism. But honestly, I wouldn’t have had to, because it was all over Facebook. Practically every other post was about it. Even the morning after the announcement of the verdict, it’s all over Facebook. I open it up, and the first one is only 5 posts down in my news feed. These people, I would consider to be digital journalists. I would say that we are coming to a time where the news and newspapers are becoming obsolete because people can go to their friends on social media just as easy to get their news.

Another form of journalism I would consider would be reviews. It’s supplying information about certain places, products, and entertainment. In the past it’s always been professionals who tell us what’s good or not. But now people are posting them on Facebook and Twitter. I see tons of people post a movie review the night they see it. You can also post a customer review on just about anything now. Granted, some of them aren’t all that informative, but can be hilarious. I use customers reviews on Amazon when I want to buy something that is off-brand, especially on the cheap stuff. I used customer reviews the other day to try and find a restaurant to go to.

One of the websites that I frequent is comicbookmovie.com. It is a prime example of digital journalism at its finest. It is a website fully dedicated to comic book movie news. But it also branches out and pretty much encompasses all comic culture. It’s where I get all of news and scoops. They also post user reviews of movies and TV shows. I’ve found it to be incredibly awesome. Tyler would agree with me. But I tend to stay out of the comments section, just because most people don’t know how to behave on the internet. It can get bad down there. Nerds are vicious people, especially when one is a DC fanboy and the other is a Marvelite.

We can even broaden the spectrum of journalism to all of Facebook and Twitter. Any post that is put on there is a broadcast to the world. It may not be “news” in the sense that we know it, but it is information. Even just a simple post like “going to the grocery store to get milk” is journalism. It updates people with new information. And since the majority of people are on social media, everyone is a digital journalist.

So what I’m saying is that we are surrounded by digital journalism. It’s no longer just the professionals who are delivering the news. Everyone who is posting online has been a digital journalist. Who knows, maybe someday we won’t even need professionals to tell us the news, we’ll just get it first hand from those who experience it.

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