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Design by Sean Mac
Design by Sean Mac


Everyday, almost everyone that has a electronic device uses the internet. Whether it is used for work or entertainment, we all visit many different websites for many, many, many reasons. Being a Digital Media student the past 4 years, I use the internet constantly for many reasons. Also since I use the internet at multiple locations and multiple websites, the chances of me going through different internet suppliers at different locations is highly. It’s something I don’t think much about during the day because it’s not important to me, as long as I’m getting internet..right? But from my understanding of this “net neutrality” thing, the internet is currently open publicly to everyone who provides it and uses it having the same advantage as far as streaming, viewing, and delivering speeds go. So since net neutrality is currently taking place on the internet and seems to working out for everybody, shouldn’t it be a good thing that it remains the same?

Most of the people that use the internet have no idea what the internet is. Internet is just there and I can be connected to it from any device. I’m not an internet doctor or anything but I know I have a little more knowledge about what the internet is than that. The internet is basically made up a global connection of online networks that is public and is to be used “neutrally” so anyone providing it and using it can have the same right to it. So….if the permission to use the precious internet was altered in ways, wouldn’t that not work out? Everything on the internet is great and how easily we access almost anything is great, so why would anyone want it to change?

what-is-net-neutrality-video-blockedNow I understand I may be a little naive when it comes to this “net neutrality” topic since it isn’t the first small talk conversation at the dinner table, but like anything, I would assume the main reason this is a big issue is because of money. Money controls almost everything in our world, so why wouldn’t it also impact the internet in some way. A lot of businesses, applications, and social networks go through the internet which creates this rapid demand of internet use. So anything that receives a lot of traffic, especially now a days, must have some kind of yield pertaining money. This instantly brings up the idea of how big companies can control the content we can access in order to profit them.

I know there are pros and cons to net neutrality, just like everything else. Since I don’t know the details other than my brief research, my reasoning of why I think net neutrality needs to stay put is mainly based on looking at the big picture. When we discuss a topic that I can relate to personally, I remember to think how it impacts the big picture other than myself. So net neutrality for example, would affect a lot of people. Ya sure, I stream music and videos, and even the popular Netflix website from time to time, but for some that may be a big deal if they couldn’t do that as easily as they wanted to. Not having the net being neutral would piss a lot of people off. Changing something that has been so major in peoples’ life after they have had it a certain way for so long would not sit well with internet providers and their customers. Especially if this net neutrality topic is an issue because big companies are just wanting to monopolize certain aspects of the internet.

Like I said I am a bit under educated on this topic still. I still think net neutrality should remain how it is being used now since it seems to be working and keeping peace between its providers their users. And to reflect on looking at the big picture, we can’t change something so important and major in peoples life especially when it comes to not all being treated equal. Not only will internet providers playing “favorites” with their customers fluctuate with business sales, but will most likely also bring in equal right laws and regulations somehow and someway. It’s America and that’s what happens when big things like this are manipulated with being equal for the sake of money and power of big businesses.

For more information on net neutrality and how you can become a part of keeping net neutrality alive, check out the video below


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(Vidoe by College Humor. Video contains some graphic content, but only to provide examples.)

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