As having a futuristic strength, it can be a little intimidating to some. In the strengthfinder’s definition; “People with the strength of Futuristic have an incredible ability to see the future. They are dreamers and perceivers of what could be, what might be, and then in turn direct their lives toward this future. This ability to see and explain the future is what draws them forward and excites them to pursue great accomplishments.”  For myself, I can see this strength being a great trait. Not only does it show I like to think forward, it give me positivity for those around me. If you are thinking about the past, then what’s worth living? The past is there for a reason. You can look back and then move in the present. Another trait that I resemble is significance. These two pair very well for myself. Being futuristic has gotten me this far, and it will to continue to do so!

Source: tumblr.com
Source: tumblr.com

In all truths, we are all futuristic. I know there are some out there that would claim not to be. Believe me, if you ever dream about what will happen in your head..you have some futuristic characteristics. Think about a time where you daydreamed. What was it about?  Dreaming is a natural thing we do. No matter how we look at it, we dream about things that may or may not happen in life. I love to think (obviously, futuristic) about the future. It is sort of like a go-to action when life gets rough. Most situations entail “oh I cannot wait to possibly get to this goal” or “what would my future life after graduation be?” It may sound silly, but it does even spark some creativity into my head.

In the entertainment world, we see lots of futuristic ideas. I can recall hearing about a ride in DisneyLand where it showed what the future looked like. I remember my mom saying something that back in the day…they gave all these theories about what the world would look like in 2010. I would love to see the mind of a person my age in the 1950’s. The spectrum of what technology was versus what they ‘thought’ it would be neat to see. But what has 2014 given us? The iPhone 6 and 6+? Oh la la, so fancy. Also, we have…..WIFI? Holy cow that is some crazy stuff there. Now we are getting to the point of cars that drive themselves. What about floating cars and all these Smart House ideals that our ancestors thought? Where did those ideas go? I would not think that they would have theorized about an iCloud and people hacking into them to steal peoples stored items.

Disneyland, ca. 1950s-1960s (1)
Source: www.vintag.es

Ideally, the future is amazing. Can you imagine what is going to be out there by the time 2050 hits? Google Fiber is a good example. “At up to 1,000 Mbps, Google Fiber is 100 times faster than today’s basic broadband, allowing you to get what you want instantaneously.” My theory on what would happen in the future is that we will demand more at a quicker speed. Not necessarily web connection, but everything. We want faster ways to cook, clean, learn…whatever.  Our world now is more about ‘the next best thing’. Rather than settling for something that is what we need, more and more people are starting to commit less and move on to the next bigger thing.

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What does the future look like for you? Are you excited for what is out there, or does it intimidates you? For me, I am up for anything life brings me!

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