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First things first I’m the realest. Okay maybe not ‘the realest’ but getting a career is real. I pretty much knew what field I wanted to be in since high school. I never really had any interest in the typical ‘I want to be a teacher, doctor, nurse, ect.” fields…those are basic. I have always had interest in the arts or even just digital arts in the latest years.  I was searching recently and there are jobs that I could do right now, but I am sure it is ASAP jobs. Hopefully they will be there in May. One of the things I have noticed in the world of find a job is knowing someone. I have seen it in my local hometown to even Greenville College. It is starting to become a trend of ‘that friend’ who just happens to have a higher position in a business rather than your talent. I have seen that happen to people. It sucks, I know.

Before I get into a Debbie-Downer mood, I know that the dream job I want is not waiting for me in May. You have to build your resume before reaching to the top. I have some jobs in particular that I could see myself doing out of school, and then there are those jobs that I would LOVE to do.


Source: www.thefunniestpictures.com
Source: www.thefunniestpictures.com

The beginning phase of looking for a job can be stressful. Here you are…freshly graduated from college not worrying about school for sometime (well, until you decide on Graduate school). We all hope and dream to get that amazing job offer with your newly revised resume but then reality hits you. Oh, you have to have…..EXPERIENCE?!? That was not mentioned before. Scary, huh? For the most part, I have wanted to do some kind of medical related digital media person. Why? Because I have experience in the medical field. I am a certified CNA and have been in work since 2012. Being a tech-savvy person in a hospital can be very useful. I like the medical field and have interest too. Nothing like a neurosurgeon or anything, but it is all interesting for me.

Another option that I have been interested in just in this past year has been teaching at a community college. I don’t know why it has became such an interest but I think it could be a good career path. Yeah yeah I know it’s not ‘big dreams’. I think I could help people how and learn more about graphic design, photoshop, and just digital media in general. Currently I am a teaching assistant for Type and Image Design I and I really enjoy it. Either way, Both these jobs are just the priorities I have around Graduation day. It is so weird to think soon I will be searching for REAL jobs. Like, 9-5…creepy.


Source: mlb.com
Source: mlb.com

Now this is what I would like to call “if Charley could pick out her dream job and is presented to her after she receives her diploma” job. I have always been interested in layouts, design, and looking at ways to make things look presentable. I noticed this in high school first of all. I was always so OCD about details and alignments. It just bothers me when something doesn’t look right. So, my ‘fantasy’ job would be something as an editor-in-chief that could also put pieces together. My main interest would be photography and magazine layouts. I remember saying in class that I would love have a job where they gave me the material such as text, maybe have some photos…and tell me what they want. It is hard to explain. I like post-production a lot more than doing the actual recording, taking, and whatever else it may entail. I enjoy editing. Not just looking over things and giving it an A-OK but just editing. The areas would probably be in either fashion or sports. I had this weird time where I wanted to work in National Geographic but that has phased over.

Call it whatever you want, but I have a passion for what my goals are for my future. No matter where life may take me, I am super pumped at the real world. I will embrace what is out there and make the best of it. If I get jobs that may not be what I intended to go…cool. It will build me the steps to my dream career. Do what makes you happy. I am trying my hardest to get there. I will NEVER give up, no matter who or what gets in my way…you won’t stop me.


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