Net Neutrality: Is it Fair?

Net Neutrality is becoming an increasingly bigger issue in today’s digital world, with the thought that all Internet providers must treat all data (videos, photos, game, etc) equally. This is something that Obama has been trying to press through here in America, he believes that it will make everyone in the United States of America the same access to any website hosting legal content according to Michael Liedtke, of AP Technology. Liedtke would also go on to say “this would empower the U.S. government to prevent powerful online services such as Comcast, and Verizon from controlling Internet traffic in a way that suits their own financial interests.” Obama and all those in favor of Net Neutrality believe that limiting this profit for the few, but will enhance freedoms for all users. Net Neutrality will also limit major cable-TV providers from diminishing or not providing online video services such as Netflix or Hulu. This program will let companies like Netflix regulate Internet service providers like utilities, allowing them to be available on every provider. This will also allow social networks and companies like Google thrive not having to worry about having to pay fees to internet providers to be allowed more broadband space to function at a higher capacity.

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Although there are positives I want to also talk about what people may be using as negatives to Net Neutrality. One of the arguments is that Internet service providers also argue that these new regulations will prevent them from gaining costs from broadband giants such as Netflix and Hulu from paying them to have a more direct connection to the provider’s networks. Netflix’s service provides one-third of U.S. online traffic during the evening hours on weekdays; this would include myself with Netflix being streamed off my Xbox as I type this blog. With Net Neutrality being put in place these providers that receive payments from Netflix such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon from getting to receive the payments. Another theory is that if Obama can get this to pass that it will swing the power of our countries control over the Internet into the hands of the Chinese and Russian governments. Though I don’t necessarily believe that we will lose control it does create some worry within the Anti-Net Neutrality groups.

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President Obama shaking hands with Tom Wheeler before addressing Net Neutrality
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I personally think that this is a good idea not only will it make life on the internet easier to access and make everything including surfing social media like Facebook, or watching movies on Netflix a whole lot easier. The added bonus is that choosing an Internet provider will much more simpler with the regulations becoming more equal to one another. Net Neutrality will not only make the internet providers and content more equal but it will create more jobs and help enrich more investors, which will help benefit thousands of people including us “soon to be college grads” get jobs especially in the Digital Media field. With the wide range of online services being encouraged to create new sites, which would create millions of jobs and possibly in billions of dollars in the process. I believe that Obama is doing the right thing trying to push Net Neutrality into effect and that with it comes equality for all Americans to enjoy the positive things that come from the internet, as well as have an even better have more jobs created to help lower the unemployment rate and increase salary rates in low income homes with these jobs.

This is something that is not too far off from becoming a reality and I for one think that it will be a good thing for Americans all over the country.

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