The Future is here: Flying Cars Have Arrived


The day has finally arrived, the day where seeing and driving in the air to get from place to place has finally been made possible! No longer will we watch Back to the Future wondering when the day would come that we could take our cars up into the sky and fly from place to place. The future is finally here and could be here sooner than we thought!

As early as 2015 Aeromobil a company based in vienna has released its third variation of the flying car Aeromobil 3.0, there has been no pricing of the vehicle yet but there have been successful field tests that are still going on today. According to  the Aeromobil can fly up to 430 miles on a tank of gas. The Aeromobil has a high powered propeller and retractable wings that extend out during flight, but when you land the flying cars wings retract back in allowing you to drive it like a car and even fit into parking spots.

The sleak Aeromobil 3.0  Media by
The sleak Aeromobil 3.0
Media by

This flying car/vehicle will revolutionize the way we travel in everyday life, not only will it decrease travel time drastically with the Aeromobil 3.0, it also has the possibility of making air travel by airplanes obsolete for flights that are not international. The possibilities are endless with traffic and construction not being an issue, traveling will be much safer and easier. All one would need to use this vehicle in the air is a pilots license, though on the ground just a normal drivers license because of  its function to drive like a regular car.

Each one of these vehicles comes with two comfortable seats for long flights/travels, dual navigation systems, as well as the capability switch from a steering wheel to pilot controls when switched to flight mode. The Aeromobil has the capability of reaching an altitude of  9,800ft, and can reach a speed of 100-500mph once in the air. The Aeromobil’s wings are made out of a light carbon fiber and according to the washington post the designers have adjusted the wings a slight 3 degrees to help stabilize the vehicle in flight. The Aeromobil also LED lights for both mid-flight and driving.

I personally cannot wait until these cars become an everyday vehicle to the public, the thought of never having to deal with traffic again makes me ecstatic! With technology advancing so to make things like self driving vehicles, and cars that can fly its going to be an exciting next 10 maybe even 5 years to see these leaps in technology become realities. With being able to see these flying cars released to the public as near as 2015 we can see these driving through our streets in a matter of time, although I can imagine that for the first few years of release as well as the fact that you need a pilot license to fly this vehicle that it will be a bit costly. Though with Aeromobil releasing this vehicle you can be sure that other vehicular companies will try and come out with their own variation of this flying car to compete. In a little over 10 years we could see multiple makes, and models of the flying car, maybe making it have more than two seats for family travel, finding a different way than the propeller and wings to have its flying capability, the ideas and possibilities are endless!

A picture of the most popular flying car known to man! Media by
A picture of the most popular flying car known to man!
Media by

Do I know what the is in-store for us in the future? No I do not but I for one cant wait to see which of the things we dream of coming true and become a reality!

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