The Golden Question


What is my dream job?

…ain’t that the golden question?

Now I will reflect on the past 4 years of my life in order to answer this question the best way possible.

I honestly have never thought of what kind of career path I wanted to take. When I was about to graduate high school (April of 2011 to be exact) I didn’t even know exactly what I wanted to major in or where I even wanted to attend college. Just luckily enough I was recruited by the soccer program here at Greenville College where I then discovered that the major of Digital Media was actually a real thing. With that said, the past 3 years of my schooling I have been fortunate enough to take Digital Media classes in which have such passion for. By doing this I have came to conclusion that I have always wanted to work with media but just never truly realized it till college. But also since I have been a apart of the Greenville College Marketing Department for the past 3 years, I have put my media production skills with a purpose of marketing which has helped me connect the dots a little bit better. But I understand that any body who knows how to create any kind of media wants to work with media in a career in some way. Since the chances are very slim that I simply won’t get paid for creating random videos, I think it depends on what other areas I can apply my media skills in order to create quality work.

Being a Digital Media major I have never wanted to limit myself to just saying I just make videos or I just make designs or I just take photos, etc. I always kept my options open when it came to producing media. Around the time I declared my Digital Media major, I labeled myself as a “freelancer” as anyone else would do. But actually my first two years of college I did do a lot of freelance work where I REALLY learned about the media production field since it was just me, my own equipment, and my clients. Even though I didn’t know exactly what I was doing at the time (and sometimes still don’t), every time I used my camera, organized a shoot, or put a new video out, I would learn something new every time because of simple repetition. The video below is just one example of my “freelance” work I did back in 2012:

[youtube id=”DFLJhvh8FvA” width=”” height=”” wmode=”transparent” showinfo=”1″ autohide=”0″ quality=”auto]

(Warning: Some explicit language use) 

I chose this video because it’s one of my first opportunities working in the ideal setting of the environment I would enjoy working in later in the future. Also this video opportunity was just like one of those things that just happened…but not exactly. My freshmen year here at Greenville College I met a Greenville alumnus who was starting up his own clothing line called Keotty. Long story short, I met this alumnus through mutual friends since he was seeking for someone like me who made videos and who was a social person. This is where I experienced a sense of networking. Even though it was only a network of mutual friends in the small town of Greenville, I now look back at it as an important stage of my “career”…I guess you could call it. Being fresh out of high school, I instantly had to juggle my school work, a soccer season, and doing videos and designs for this Keotty group. Also since that was about 2 years ago, I can already look back on things that I would have done different in order to network in more ways and even on how I would have improved my videos. Since I thought it was good idea to always looking to set a trend of some sort, this is around the time where I started up my freelancing under my name Sean Mac Media. Still till this day people will call me by that name just because of how much I networked myself under it.

So as a senior now in college I can come to a conclusion that my dream job would to be a part of a media production/marketing team, who emphasizes on producing visuals for others either based out of a studio or just out on the field. With the experience that I’ve had in and out of the classroom involving media, I can confidently say I am prepared and am trainable for any type of media production job. I also am a big believer that it takes more than just being able to “make media”, but also about being able to network, being useful, and just simply being a people person.

Shout-out to JJ

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