Mr. Green…in the Study…With a Computer?


It seems as though the only thing we hear about on the news is the negativity of what happens online. I have said before in class that my mom loves to watch ID TV. Investigation Discovery has a lot of crime related shows (obviously) and she gets all these scenarios in her head of what may happen to me. The whole “internet” thing is always a topic on those shows. Not only does she think that happens all the time, but it could happen to me as well. I defend myself because I am not only computer smart, I am not so naive of what happens online.


For example, if you haven’t heard of the Craigslist Killer then you should have a heads up. Before Craigslist got popular it was an easy way for people to post jobs, things for sale, and whatever else would be available. As the site became more connected with the world, Philip Markoff created an account and the rest is history. Who is Markoff? He is the ever known “Craigslist Killer”.  According to law officials, Markoff would answer Craigslist ads for massage services. On is first call, he met a 26-year-old masseuse and former call girl on April 14, 2009. The girl was found unconscious with multiple gunshot wounds at the hotel later that evening. She was transferred to a medical center, where she died from her injuries. Police say the confrontation between her and the killer seemed to have begun as an attempted robbery. As a result, her attacker left as she was freeing herself of the ties that bound her together.

Phillip Markoff had killed two other before his last victim, even when his fiancé didn’t know what was going on at the time.  Once he was caught and arrested, she stood by him through it all. She stated: “I just can only hope that the criminal justice system will not be overwhelmed and persuaded by what is being put forth in the media.” Soon after Markoff had murdered the girl, he was soon convicted of his crimes and sent to jail.  On August 15, 2010, law enforcement officials found Philip Markoff dead in his jail cell, in Boston, Massachusetts, after an apparent suicide.

Not only did justice NOT get served for the families of his crimes, he also did not want to be punished for his actions.


I have always been skeptical of Craigslist. It almost feels incomplete, in the design point-of-view. Just simple lists and categories that people can post things to sell. First impression is very important and this website seems sketchy. Although now that I can see when something is fake, spam, or seem ‘irrational’ I don’t take any chances. I have changed my perspective on it because I did sell something on there and it turned out well. I didn’t get murdered or kidnapped, but could I sat that was all luck?

Thinking ahead, what will I do about my future children and their use of the internet? I know my parents were strict on me but it was because they ‘didn’t know what was out there’. That will probably not be the case for me since I have literally grown up with the internet. Does that mean I will let them have a Facebook account until their 16? I’m not sure, kids are so innocent and what they put out there in cyberland is up to me and not them.

I also think that people who are in the 18-20+ years old have grown like I have with the internet that it won’t be such a big deal in the future. But this also means that predators and people like Markoff will get smarter. The world wide web is a big enough place for anyone to create a new character. As strange as it may seem, killers can be the person next to you and you probably wouldn’t even know it!

Awesome Illustration by:
Awesome Illustration by:

The way the internet works can kill someone, literally.


If you have never seen movies or shows about this topic, I suggest watching Craigslist KillerTallhotblond, and The Wife He Met Online 

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