The Age of the Superhero

Oh what a glorious time we live in. The age when the superhero movie is commonplace, and Marvel reigns supreme. I grew up on superheros, Marvel and DC alike. But back in my day, if you were into superheros you were a nerd and an outcast. Now superheros are a huge part of Hollywood, and I love it. Superheros have become a huge part of my life. I hope to one day work for Marvel and make superheros movies. But for this blog, I’m going to talk about why Marvel is so awesome.

1. They make their own movies.


Marvel has this great thing going where they have complete control over all their movies. That means that any decision made about the movie comes straight from Marvel. This leads to a better movie because it typically stays closer to the source material. Other companies don’t do that. DC has to go through WB. And Fox and Sony own the rights to some Marvel heroes, so they can make the movies, but they’re not as good. Fox has made notoriously bad Marvel movies. They started off good with X-Men, but everything went downhill from there. The rest of the X-Men movies were bad and Fantastic Four was a flop. They’re actually rebooting it and it sounds like it’s going to deviate from the source material a lot. I don’t really like this, and Fox is able to do it because Marvel isn’t involved. I’ve grown to not like Fox because of their lack of honoring the source material.

2. They honor their fans.


Marvel doesn’t make movies for money, they make them for their fans. They actually listen to what the people want and give it to them. There’s a lot of fan service in their movies. Look at Guardians of the Galaxy. That is not a typical movie that would be seen being made. But the fans wanted it and Marvel fully delivered. Marvel also drops easter eggs throughout there movies for the fans. The after credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy was completely fan service. They’ve also dropped nuggets that only true fans would get.

3. They pave their own way.


What Marvel has been doing is completely unlike anything anyone has ever done. They took characters from several different franchises and put them into one movie. And it was one of the most successful movies of all time. They’ve had so much success with their movies, that it seems like everyone is following suit. Fox is trying to make a unified X-Men/Fantastic Four universe. DC kicked off their shared universe with Man of Steel. They also have a TV universe with Arrow and Flash. Sony wants to make several Spider-man movies that are all connected. Hell, even Universal wants to combine all their classic monsters into one movie, starting with Dracula Untold. Marvel now has their movies planned out until 2019. That’s a huge gamble, but it’s a gamble that has been and will pay off. The Inhumans doesn’t come out until November of 2018, but already the TV show Agents of Shield has introduced them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s clear that this is the age of Marvel. (Kind of fitting with Age of Ultron coming out soon.) They know exactly what they’re doing, and it really shows. That’s part of the reason why I eventually want to work for them and make Marvel movies. Their characters are incredible and they know exactly what to do with them, and that’s something that a wholly want to be a part of. So here’s to hoping that one day I get the call to come in a make a movie for the unstoppable machine that is Marvel. Excelsior!

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