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from Disney Adventure
from Disney Adventure

“I can teach you to learn my language rosetta lyrics”- Drake

Sometimes it feels like Rosetta Stone is the only way to learn a language but that’s not the truth! With determination you can learn any language for free. But that isn’t so! From an early point in life I’ve always been really fascinated by languages and language learning. Through the years I’ve tried many different strategies, but the main elements that have worked helped me to grow in many of my target languages; much more than I have in a language class. Plus there is an added benefit of learning at your own pace and leisure. The following will also hopefully help you best utilize the web to learn a language without any cost!




a person who speaks, writes, or reads a number of languages.

Language Learning Program:

-Decide on your language

The first obvious step to learning a language requires that you pick one! Do some research and keep in mind the reason why you want to learn the language.

-Organize a space and place to hold your language learning materials. I personally keep a journal where I can write everything down, but you may even want to create a document folder on your desktop.

– Utilize it as often as possible.

When learning a new language people often talk about immersion. This is done by completely immersing yourself in the culture and usually requires that you move to a location where you’ll constantly be in contact with the language for an extended period of time. For example, if I wanted to learn Chinese, I could spend time at a local area where Chinese is readily spoken (such as Chinatown) or I could choose to do a study abroad program through school. While taking a trip to your desired location is probably the most adventurous and fun way to learn a language, not all of us have the ability to do so. However there’s another alternative: digital immersion.

Digital Immersion also requires you to surround yourself with as much of your target language as possible. However it requires more

Immerse yourself

Through music

-Spotify (provides plenty of foreign music, and even has a translation app.)

Through Video

-Netflix (Look up a movie or such in your target language and watch it with and without subtitles)

Through Reading

-Linocracy (This is an excellent site for reading in your target language! There are many options and it functions well.)

From: Travel portland
From: Travel portland

Also make a list of individuals that you know that speak the language and keep in touch! Don’t be afraid to talk with them in your choice of language. And if you don’t know anyone that speaks your target language you can easily meet someone online using a websites such as bussuu! (Just beware because they also tend to have creepers). The world is ever expanding, and because of this we are able to connect with others like never before. With this expansion, we now are able to meet and talk with people from all over the world.


If learning a new language is something you truly want to do it will show. With a large amount of dedication and regular use of whatever program you decide to use, you can learn any language for free. It really doesn’t matter what program you use so long as you stay consistent.

Tips and tricks:

Web based

Duolingo– Point system and can go against your friends. For everything you earn you can buy more content

Memrise– point system

Busuu– mentioned earlier

LiveMocha– Very nice interface but they try to sneak in a payment here and there


On the Go

Phone apps Apps

Pop popping Korean


15 Great Sites to Learn a New Language

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