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Romance is dying. Has anyone else had their ‘dream scenario‘? For me I wanted to be married by 25.  I am a futurist, you know! There are some who may oppose to that but as technology is growing and branching out to digital relationships, I can attest it is killing that romance.

Why is this happening? People can be whoever they want to be. Take the show Catfish. Naïve people get hooked on a person whom they do not know if they are who they say. The majority of people who finally get to meet their crush end up being hurt. People can be mean. Not all of us are that way, but it’s those who trust someone online that may get hurt in the end.

Source: thedroidguy.com
Source: thedroidguy.com

Just like the APPS now such as Hot or Not and Tinder. Those are just for people who do not want a real relationship. Yes, there are those rarities when people can fall in love with someone they met on there but those types of APPS are for NSA (no-strings-attached) or friends with benefits. I have always questioned why someone may want to be on one of those APPS? In modern times, it seems as though relationships are slowing becoming a thing in the past. We can see this like we see things in technology. Does someone really want the first generation of an iPhone when there is something better and newer coming out? Does someone really have a VHS because they love the quality and how it holds up? It is definitely sad to see that more and more people are starting to just casual date rather than look for “the one”.

As I had become single, my parents wanted me to go out there and meet people. Well since they were both dating the game atmosphere has changed. First of all, when a guy says that he is a ‘free spirit’ that is a total turn off. He told me that why would he want to be stuck with a person for a long time when they will eventually change. Hold up, you mean because someone gets to know you…they get accustomed to the ‘you’ they didn’t meet. I get it, people do certainly change from the moment they met you, but that doesn’t mean it is for the worst. Secondly, they didn’t want to get married until they were “way” older. Oh, so you can YOLO your way to retirement. Real classy. The point that they told me that they liked to be in non-committal relationships made me sad. They didn’t want to have someone who cared and respected them? They would rather go through girl after girl until it was time to settle down. That was totally not my style.


This type of characteristics fell into the same category as my ex-boyfriend. As it was getting to the point of the serious break-up, he said, “Monogamist relationships weren’t his thing”. What?! You don’t want just ONE person. I was seriously heartbroken. Not only was the whole time I was with him bogus, he wasn’t even being ‘happy’ in the first place. Anyway, he was not the person I thought he was because he did, in fact, change when we started to become a couple.

Source: www.tumblr.com
Source: www.tumblr.com

The whole honesty thing and the Internet clash every moment of our lives. Online you can search for whom you want to date. Want someone that is tall, dark, athletic, and is located 15 miles away? Sure! You can totally find someone using whatever dating site you can find that perfect person. Just because they have a pretty face doesn’t mean that their personality will be just as nice.

So what can people like us who think digital relationships are killing romance? For one, not look so negatively on the things that are out there. Just because the things that have happened in my life doesn’t mean everyone out there in the digital ocean is bad. Romance can be found online, such as ordering flowers for your significant other or even order a gift basket that can swoon them over.

Did you know that there is a decrease in people being in relationships? It surprised me. Are we all going to be those lonely crazy cat/dog people? As funny as that may sound, more people are staying single or just dating rather than being in a committed relationship. Even when they finally settle down, they are getting married in their later years.

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So should we blame digital relationships or the life that people live now? Times are changing to where we need to get a lot done in so little time. We busy ourselves because we want to get to the next level. It is just how the world works now. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone has someone they are meant for him or her. It just may take some faith and patience.

Good things come for those who wait.

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