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Their are many differences between geeks and suits in so many ways, but their are some things that they have alike that are pretty important in order to be successful in the office or workplace.


Like suits, geeks are also in the business world believe it or not making business but just in a different way. Rather if your a geek or a suit you would still have to be able to do somethings that will make your success go up in whatever business a geek or a suit pursues. The way to do that is to first generate opportunities for yourself. Geeks mainly and solely rely on whatever skill they have and i would say for suits that we can agree on this because if your good at marketing or sales you would want to broadcast your best skills for that job. Something different with geeks and their is always something different and that is that their are different steps and scenarios that you have to take into counteraction when seeking opportunities for geeks. Always with geeks one plus two plus three cant always and so simply mean six when dealing with geeks it will always be something else if possible


Another things that geeks and suits have in common when searching for that right person is the type of person he or she is bringing to the table. From the book it says that being a trustworthy, competent, and many more are things to have to open doors for you to do more and these are great ones for suits as well. I believe dealing with a geek or nerd they are more in common with us than many may think. They may say their not people persons but if you are looking or someone is seeking for those traits out of a geek then you have some skills. Also with communication geeks want to be clear and understood and when that doesn’t happen the people skills they try to inquire are long gone out the door.

The top thing thing to have in your arensol to be a successful geek or suit in the workplace is to create good working experience with your other co workers. In the geek’s since make yourself every ones go to geek and this is in the same since with suits as well. Being very dependable is a huge way to make great experience for your coworkers to keep coming back. When you say something do it.  A rule of social character is that you should be reliable.  That means you do what you promised to do and that others can count on you. People don’t like to deal with those who are unreliable. They’d rather give their business and rewards to someone they can count on. Also, the reliable person feels good, knowing that he or she is trusted.



One thing that I question with geeks is that geeks claim not to be the best communicators and that they wouldn’t rather want to be dealing with people. On the other hand suits love or should love dealing with people on a daily basis. So why in the text in the geek leaders handbook that in order to have good experience that they would have to pitch in an idea when someone needs help. From what I learned from the actually geeks in class is that they don’t like talking to people and this sounds like they are making the first move striking up an idea. It maybe because its something that they deal with everyday.

Lastly, geeks and suits have a lot more in common than people think.  Focusing more on the little things is strongly encouraged because as a suit or a geek you wouldn’t want to get off track.




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