Geeks not Nerds

If we go back to the past and search for the source of the word Geek In 1900 when traveling carnivals were popular, there was a performer called the “Geek”, when some people who are did some strange and disgusting show For example, eat live chickens, then found the disgusting the word “Geek”. Geek in general is a person who has a good knowledgeable even to the point of obsession about a theme or a particular field. Being a geek gained traction when self adopted by computer programmers and other technical people, but has since become more mainstream. There are sport geeks, car geeks, and Lord of the Rings geeks, each of which closely follows the minutiae of their chosen obsession. In general geek very social, which is distinct from other abilities, and for whom there are negative and positive.


A lot of people believe that “nerd” is a geek. The word “nerd” was started in 1954, by a young doctor by the name of Seuss. When we compare the geek and nerdy we find there are some common qualities and similar, but when you compare their approach to life, the differences become apparent. Both have strange behavior and intelligence, thus distinguishes them from other people. Not every nerdy geek and not every geek nerd. –  Nerds love to use jargon or unfamiliar terminology in their dialogue, whereas geeks will use obscure references abundantly. –  Geeks often take interest in the microcosmic details of life; Nerds will be seemingly uninterested in the details of daily life, being more focused on the macroscopic, such as scientific possibilities and the future of humankind. –  A geek may enjoy board games, film, tech gadgets, hacking, and techno music, a nerd enjoys solitary pursuits like programming and Second life, or games like chess and go. –  Geek in general socially may be some time away from people, but doing all social habits, a nerd is generally more introverted. –  Geeks in artistic jobs like web design, graphic design, or game designs, nerds working as a rocket scientist, IT, they may be an engineer, or an inventor. These Most comparisons between the geek and nerdy, that most geeks are nerd part, most nerds are part geek.


As we are living in this world and around us a lot of modern technology, however people did not forget geeks. The importance of studying geek they’re part of this world we must take care of them and keep tabs on where this is a social responsibility. If we do not help them and make a little change in their lives we will loss them. Must Geeks live in a healthy and social environment this responsibility start from home with parents and ending with government role. Geeks often are very useful to communities and governments to studies and technologies development. Not all geeks strangers and evil.


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