Archetypes, Not Sterotypes

I enjoy how the author of this book starts out with the definition of what a geek is to him, because what I’ve learned so far is that there are many different types of geeks, and that Geeks and nerds are two completely different people.

The author said that geeks are easily confused with “non-geeks” however is it fair to say that, that person isn’t a geek in his own interests? When I looked up the definition of a geek on Google, it just gave me the answer; it didn’t take me to some other paradigm of the Internet. However it did have a much different definition of a geek than any other that I have seen so far. First it was defined as “an unfashionable or socially inept person.” Then what I thought was interesting was the second definition, which reads “A carnival performer who performs wild or disgusting acts.” That surprised me, I’ve never heard of anything like that before so I researched it a little more and found this video almost instantly. Which scared me slightly!

So my question is, can there actually be a geek that is above all geeks? A geek so powerful in its own meaning that it has to be what the term defines as a Super Geek?!  I believe that somewhere out there, you will be able to find them, and this website is what will help the world find either future great minds, or future excellent carnies!


When the book talks about how geeks like to tend to trends, I thought about a place that I have bought some interesting technological things in the past, That are really awesome!  The options include many different types of clothes and computer products that would be a dream to computer geek. I have many friends that are geeks and they absolutely love this website, not only for the fancy technology, but the ironic/goofy/funny clothes that they sell, or coffee mugs that you can buy. According to my geek friend Aaron,  he believes the modern geek is what is viewed today as the hipster. I found that information interesting, because the traits of a hipster and a geek are very similar, both can seem “standoffish” both are brutally honest and both don’t feel the need to please anyone other than himself or herself. So I really found Aaron’s input interesting.


When talking about all the different types of geeks in today’s world the exact definition is nearly impossible to agree on, so there becomes a sub group of the term geek. For instance you can really put any interest of any person and follow it with the word “Geek” and you wouldn’t be looked at funny.  Except by a technological geek, or a geek that bites the heads off of chickens. People have changed throughout and the word geek is not looked at as an insult. It is looked at someone who has mastered his or her own trait/interest. For instance on the T.V show fish tank kings, they have an employee named Francis who gets called a fish geek because of his extensive knowledge of fish.

I had always thought before taking this class that a geek was purely technology based. However it seems like in todays world the “Fish Tank Kings” may have it spot on with their assessment of Francis. I personally could be a lot of different types of geeks. Just like almost anyone else. For instance I love table tennis, so calling me a ping pong geek may be a first of its kind as well. Maybe one day there will be a geek that rises above everyone else that will hold the secret of what truly a geek means.

-Alex Dowley



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