Archetypes, not sterotypes

The first topic or discussion that we had in class was about Archetypes and stereotypes. When I first arrived in this class I didn’t really know what to expect until he started talking and he was going around the room asking everyone what their major was. So when I told him that I was a business major he called me a suit. I didn’t know what this was at first but then he called another guy a nerd. So I wondered if he was being mean or was it a real reason why he was doing this. Come to find out after reading the first chapter out of the book is that their are different types of trends and backgrounds that qualify you as a geek, a non geek, or a suit. With this in mind it made me understand the title of the very first chapter in the book.

I didn’t really know there was a difference between a nerd and a geek before I came into class. When I was in school their were really one type of nerd. I would picture a nerd with high riser pants on, with the collared dorky button up with some pens and pencils in his shirt pocket. Their are many different styles and ways one could be considered a nerd. Also a nerd doesn’t have to have that type of image about its self. This is where the word stereotype comes into play because of this reason. There can be many different types of nerd or geeks about any topic you chose to have. A geek or nerd is really made based off of the passion that you have for something. For an example me being a football player you have and want to be strong if you want to be somewhat good. So with me being in the gym so long can make me a nerd or a geek because of my passion and regards for being and the gym and lifting so much. On the other hand with a certain tv series that you can be into can make you a nerd, its just your taste in whatever you like.



Also from reading and from my Intel in class I didn’t know there was such a diverse situation between nerds/geeks and suits. From what i gathered from Deloy Cole when he was starting off as a manager for his company he was working at he really made know that somethings that suits do can really pinch the wrong nerve of a geek/nerd and really rub them the wrong way, especially in the office. With my experiences with stereotypes really come from my career of being this big and wide football. In high school the primary thought about people like me was that we are some dumb old jocks that uses their head only to bang against other people and sometimes the wall. When come to find out most of the time this isn’t really true. As a preferable jock I really excelled in the classroom as well as on the football field. I really took care of business having a 3.0 grade point average and having much success on the field.

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So in conclusion you really can’t base someones personality or aspect off of their patterns or ways of doing things in life, because people shine in their own way and sometimes taking the time to get to know someone can really give on to what their really doing. Also sometimes you would come to find the passion and the bases of what their doing. A quote from the chapter says we recognize that every person is an individual and we do not mean for the traits we refer to to be descriptive.


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