The topic discussed in class was archetypes vs. stereotypes. We mainly focused on nerds and geeks. So is there really a difference between a geek and a nerd? Some may say yes, while others will just give a brief stereotype of how they are both the same. People usually will answer this question with their own stereotype, which is usually false information. I chose a song sung by Weird Al Yankovic called “White and Nerdy”. It explains some of the many stereotypes nerds get labeled with. My favorite parts that I feel like “nerds” get stereotyped for the most is the line about javascript, and the line where the guy in the video is riding in a Prius, and lastly the part about being a whiz on minesweeper.

So what is the big deal if a few people get called nerds or geeks? Well stereotyping does not just occur between only nerds and geeks; it is a problem with sports, rednecks, different races, and a ton of other things. The chapter in the book introduces a term I have never heard before. Archetype is an acceptable stereotype in a way. You try and understand the differences in an individual in the workplace so everyone can get along. It makes the workspace a less threatening place to so called “nerds”, because more and more people are starting to be able to understand their differences and weird behavioral patterns. Men are stronger than women would be a stereotype, but saying that men tend to be stronger would be an archetype. In wording it like this you still recognize that there are some women that are stronger than men.

In high school I played basketball and baseball, and as many people already know, athletes tend to get the stereotype of a jock. People would say that athletes are all stuck up; and they only care about themselves; and they are always in the weight room. I was in band throughout high school as well, so some people probably thought I was a jock, while others thought I was a band nerd. Multiple times my sports friends have all called me a nerd for being in band. I would say that I am an introvert so I can see where someone would associate, “nerd”, when they think of me. I went to a small high school, and my town is a farming community basically. Every time our basketball team played Greenville they would all dress up with two separate stereotypes of what they thought of Vandalia. The first obviously was overalls and camouflage. This one is just annoying, because since there are a lot of farmers and hunters in Vandalia, we get associated with the stereotype, “redneck”. This is definitely a trait for a few people in Vandalia, but when somebody stereotypes, they tend to put the label on mass amounts of people while not taking into consideration that there are people who do not participate in the certain thing. I have nothing to do with farming or hunting, so the fact that they have that stereotype of Vandalia makes me mad. The second one may be even worse. They where big chains around their neck and dress sort of like white gangsters. There are people when I was in high school that would dress sort of like that, and I probably stereotyped them with the term, “wangster”. You do not really think about stereotypes until somebody places one on you. I think that is why it is so easy to stereotype someone, because you do not really feel the outcome or hurtfulness of what you are actually saying.

This chapter was a very important one even though it was tiny, because in the workplace you deal with all sorts of people whether it is the alcoholic, nerd, geek, lesbian, and different denomination. You have to learn how to understand the differences, and you have to learn how to make them work well together. If you cannot learn to understand differences then your work experience will not be enjoyable, and more than likely your business will fail to succeed.

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