Contraxiom points

Geeks and non geeks have many different styles when it comes to how they work and accomplish things in the work place and in their personal lives as well. There are different ideas flying around about a lot of different things like work, relations with the future, purpose of language, good and evil and many more. With the many ideas and opinions that fly around a geeks and a non geeks mind is really amazing with the obvious showcase of separation that is still present between. A statement from the book explains and quotes ” that the nature of contraxioms that separate geeks and non geeks rise and give significant amount of dysfunction when they both try to work together. With such disturbance their is just a natural attraction to something that seem to be very opposite from each other. With geeks in the workplace they really expect a huge amount of value and care and they expect no one to destroy or bother that standard. There are many crucial and necessary steps to basically keep a geek managed but calm. From my findings from the book and internet geeks are very need individuals that are very well needed in the workplace. Geeks are kind of like something like a sensitive female that is really needy and can be on the verge of blowing up at anytime.

nerd=needy women




When it comes to the future geeks and non geeks still have a different look on it. Some may think that geeks really over think on a situation or a project and what can happens if this this or this happens but it really helps in certain situations. Its like with an event planner would really be in the same boat geeks are in because they both prepare for the worst. For example Kirk Elmquist came to speak to my class professional business leaders and his jobs is basically to prepare and create the professional golfing tournaments that you see on TV, like the PGA tours, and the masters. Kirk basically explained to us that anything can happen from the weather being bad, from the dinner not being cooked right or on time, or zombies invade the earth he wanted us to know that things do happen so be prepared.Kirk is definitely a suit and he is dealing with these problems like a geek would. This concept really hit me with the geeks dealing with future and their projects.


The fact of knowing something geeks and non geeks are very different with this as well, but non geeks and suits have this contraxiom in common. Geeks are really stuck on the fact of having in hand, stone cold, concrete data analysis when even thinking about a situation. Also with geeks knowing they want and need to be able to relate. Its like for them a coping process to gain trust and confidence to actually know. From the book it explains the feelings behind having too much detail which can make things clear. I couldn’t say this is the same for suits like myself. In some stand points details are great when dealing with things like an accounting firm and their different transaction and such things. Without detail geeks are left in the clouds with no vision at all and they will crash which in hand will make geeks hate everyone like us suits.

In conclusion geeks and non geeks still have a lot of things that are different from all of people. One outside thing that I learned is that geeks are very mean and snarly people when things don’t go their way in certain situations especially in the office.

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