“Contraxiom, a matched pair of contrasting axioms that give rise to vastly different worldviews.” Contraxioms exist in the workplace everywhere, they are mainly a part of communication between suits, and geeks. Suits generally don’t want details, they work with vague ideas, unlike geeks who want details for a project to work with.

I am a geek in the sense that I have to have all the details, if i am asked to do something I need all the information in a detailed manner unlike those who can work with abstract ideas.

being a geek is a good thing, like when my parents have computer problems they call me and ask what to do. My parents are more like suits, so when the call they give me a brief description of the problem. I need a simple detailed list of what is going on to be able to diagnose the issue that is occurring.

most people see the future as promising, and something to look forward to, I am in some instances like that. I am a geek that looks for newer devices to obtain, in that area I look forward to the future, in other areas I am like a geek, not really seeing much to look forward to. it is just exists, nothing is great or important it is just going to happen. As a geek we look for things to go wrong whether it be a computer, or a program we are working on, we learn to look for the worst to happen, or look for the problem that has already happened. we look for the worst, and we learn to expect the worst.

there are different ways people learn, some learn by reading and analyzing and others learn by looking up things, and others by hearing and testing. I am the type of person who learns by doing unlike those who do a lot of thinking. I like to do things, I don’t learn too well by sitting in a classroom, I learn how to do things by messing with them. I can figure out how to do things, I just have to be able to do it, rather than hear how to do it. when I am asked to help with something, I tend to just look it up online, and go try out different things to fix the problem. my brain is like a master puzzle solver, I am a person that likes puzzles, when someone has a problem I jump to the opportunity to find the problem and figure out the puzzle.

Overall there are many different ways that people think, and view things. Everyone is different and thinks differently, but especially when people are geeks and suits there are specific differences that are there that cause conflicts.

In the TV show “The IT Crowd” Moss, Roy , and Jen are the IT department, and their lives are described throughout the show, sometimes they have to go fix others computers, and they try to explain what is wrong with the computer, but they can’t without confusing the person they are trying to explain it to because they are using terminology and details that the user does not understand. There is an easy way for the two to understand each other,but it takes work to do so. being able to use analogies to explain thing is a big way to be able to help suits to understand the concept that needs to be communicated across.

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