Contraxioms: Where communication suffers

Contraxiom is a word that best describes geeks and non-geeks, and the writers of our textbook invented it when trying to explain the differences between the two. The book’s definition of contraxiom goes like this: “A matched pair of contrasting axioms that give rise to vastly different worldviews”. Geeks and non-geeks have been working together for years now, and instead of calling someone a geek or a non-geek they made this word so that they could compare and contrast the differences without hurting feelings. The book focuses on the seven different complications between geeks and non-geeks; work, future, language, good and evil, and lastly desire. The one that I will be focusing on is language, because communication is probably one of the most difficult things in regards to the workplace, social events, and just your every day life.


This picture is obviously from the big bang theory, one of the biggest geek verses non-geek shows on television. Sheldon  is the super geek of the show, and in this picture he is trying to describe a complex problem to Penny who is not a geek, and she does not see the problem like Sheldon does. This happens a lot in the workplace. People see things way differently, so being able to explain stuff more than one way is helpful; basically, geeks need to be able to “dumb” stuff down for people who are not as intellectually sound as others.

This video describes an instance where a geek tries to ask a non-geek out on a date. This show gives off the vibe that geeks do not communicate well with girls. This may be a stereotype, but I would have to agree.

A personal experience of mine which involved a social event, was a the time when I first went to college. I attended Fontbonne College my freshman year, and when I first got there we had to go to a bunch of different social outings. I am an introvert so this was a tough thing for me. I just sort of sat in the back corners and did not really talk to anyone. I feel like in the workplace this happens a lot. If there are suits and geeks at a business, usually they do not mix and cope very well. A suit is someone who only sees the problem and tries to analyze it with  multiple options, where the geek wants to immediately solve the problem. When I transferred to Greenville, I had to participate in the weird social events that they had for new students. I honestly skipped most of them because I went through it once, and it was awful so I was not about to go through it again. I work better with people in smaller groups, or through a sports team like baseball.

I thought it was funny that Deloy mentioned his interactions between him and his wife about when he would come home for work and he would have to sit and listen to his wife explain her problems. He wanted to fix the problem immediately, where she just wanted someone to vent to. This is a great example of how geeks and non-geeks communicate differently. Geeks have to try and learn to see things from a non-geek’s perspective which is really hard, but can be done. Geeks tend to code information they receive, while non-geeks do not like interruptions and love finding common ground with another individual.

Geeks and non-geeks have to learn to put aside their differences and find the best possible way to communicate with one another, or their job will not be successful. This goes with how humans interact with every day life as well. No one person is the same, so learning to communicate with a variety of geeks and non-geeks is key in getting along with others in your workplace.

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