Different Perspectives (Contraxioms)

Let me just start by saying that “Contraxiom” is a completely made up word! I tried to look it up online and came up with nothing except this site, which would make sense since its a site about “technical people”. In chapter 2, a contraxiom is described as, “A matching pair of contrasting axioms that give rise to vastly different worldviews”. When I first read this it just confused me, so I came up with my own definition to sum it up, ” A pair of contrasting viewpoints from a similar experience that gives way to vastly different worldviews.” Now that its a little easier to understand what a contraxiom is, I want to talk about what I got out of this chapter.

This chapter focuses a lot on opposing ideals or viewpoints, and different ways of “knowing” which is why I’m going to focus on this contraxiom. “We come to know what we know very differently”. I’m going to talk about the different perspectives in very similar industries, Disney vs Studio Ghibli.

d6428eecbe0f7dff83fc607c5044b2b9-18-studio-ghibli-the-other-disneyWe all know Disney as the leading power in cartoons. Studio Ghibli is often described as the Japanese version of Disney. Both companies are famous for their award winning cartoons, however both take different routes because of their very different worldviews.


disney_dreams02Disney’s main premise in their movies are good vs evil. There is always a obvious defined evil force, with no room for a grey area. I feel this comes from America’s rigid views on good and bad. A lot of Disney movies were taken from older tales that actually ended a lot more morbid then Disney makes them seem. More info on these original tales are on this site. Disney takes everything and puts a positive spin on it, always with a positive happy ending. This is an extremely unrealistic view of how things are, because the life does not always end with happy endings. Not saying that Disney’s tales should end in such a morbid way as the original tales, but it is misleading for kids watching them.



blogs_photo_1240934019Even though Studio Ghibli is often compared to Disney, there is a lot of difference between the two. For one Studio Ghibli’s movies are never just black and white, they have a lot more grey areas then Disney.Those that are supposed to be evil are not 100% bad as Disney would portray villains. They portray characters as complex individuals, being more then the bad or good inside them. Even the “good” characters have flaws. I feel that this is a more realistic way characters should be portrayed in movies. This is because no one is just born evil, there had to of been something that made them act that way. This was influenced by Japanese culture. Spirits are a big part of their culture, and are not perceived as evil beings like in American culture. Spirits can be both bad, good, and neutral in Japanese Culture. Even though Studio Ghibli makes cartoons, their cartoons are more tied to how the real world would be.

Both studios do the same type of animations but you can see how much their worldviews or cultures have influenced how they make their movies. Now for my experience with different perspectives. This has to deal with the suits and geeks. Working at the IT Center has opened my eyes to how different people in the world of technology and those that aren’t think things through. Working with computers has taught me to problem solve and follow a step by step protocol when encountering an issue, Suits however not so much. I have had suits that came in and didn’t even try to solve the problem before coming in to the IT Center. I get annoyed at times but then I have to stop and think about what I would if I was in their shoes with little to no experience. Someone who hasn’t worked with computers before isn’t going to stop and take the time to figure out the problem, but I am since I have trained myself that way. It just amazes me how much our different perspectives change the way we think, or what we know. This ends my thoughts on Contraxioms.

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