Focusing on others

This week I want to talk about what it takes to focus on others. It is a very important part of working with others, regardless if they are geeks or suits, it is very important that you focus on them. Each and every person is different and when you have the chance to work with many different people you will eventually learn how to communicate with each and every person differently.

I am a geek, I speak in better terms with fact, and how things work, but when I have to talk to someone who doesn’t always like the fact and the instructional terms I try my best to make it easier to communicate with them. In class Deloy had explained that he was promoted a few times just because he could communicate with the high up guys, and the big wigs. In this video from the IT Crowd it is a good explanation of how not to answer the phone.

The people in the video are good at starting off with stating that they should try turning it off and on again, this is condescending to the end-user. Roy and Moss are the two guys and Jenn is the lady, they all work in the basement in a corporation and help with the employee’s technical problems, although they do not like to come in contact with any other people it is a small part of their job. They are geeks and are not good at coming in contact with others, they need work on focusing on others and realizing that they are not all the same. Jen is in the place she is because she is really a suit that doesn’t seem to understand computers, but can communicate well with the executives. She is the one who has to talk with the rest of the company, but she doesn’t like it. Here is a short clip describing how she doesn’t like the meetings.

In the business world it is important to realize that when you focus on others you are more likely to find people who like you, and who you can connect with better. In when you focus on others you look to be a better person, and to do your best. When you focus on others, you get along with them better than when you’re focusing on yourself.

In the end regardless of what your qualifications are in your position, you will always do better if you focus on others and pay attention to what they have to say as well as talk to them as they talk to you and understand that everyone is different that you, and life is different for everyone and how you think is different from everyone else’s.

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