Geek to manager

There are a lot of things that someone has to take into consideration when trying a new role or getting but into a role such as a managerial position. Even for people that have already been in business and have trained for it, can still have so frustrations with the manager role at a company. As a read in the book Geeks are not formerly suited for a manager role like someone like a suit. Also from the book its says that in school geeks are viewed by how they did on their assignments and test scores, but with corporate jobs they have to basically analyze themselves to see if their doing a good job. IT managers or geeks go to different seminars to learn how to be a more productive manager as a geek that is sort of new to the idea of a role such as this one.

Another thing that really stuck to me is how basically geeks have to make a complete three sixty to be able to make the best out of the manager role. Geeks have to learn to actually deal with new people on a regular basis as a manager, learn to evaluate themselves and also others in different ways, and learn to manage success differently.


One big change with geeks transforming into the manager role is the big no no for any true geek which is communication. To a geek anyone that doesn’t seem to know as much as they know as far as what they are thinking are already below them mentally before having a conversation. Geeks can be really rude at times by the way they come off towards someone at the office and they wouldn’t mean any harm by it at all.  Geeks don’t really realize that they think differently from those they deal with on a day to day basis.  Their are a lot of problems that can be eliminated if geeks would really take the time to be able to change to be a successful manager. one big way would be to dumb things down a little for some people in the office that aren’t technically sound like they are. This would bring some much needed patience coming from a geek taking own a manager role. When you become a manager you are suddenly thrown into much more communication than usually with people that you will never think you would deal with ever in life especially at work. People with different work styles and thinking patterns are really hard to collect and analyze  as a geek because they are usually only concentrated on them and not others as manager has to.

Their can be hostile situations especially when dealing with a freshly new geek changed manager. I can foresee if a geek is a manager it can be kind of tough on them because of so many changes that they would have to make. For starters geeks really don’t like change especially if there are many of them at one time. Geeks can really be a little a times when dealing with other people that don’t think like them because they get annoyed when trying to fix or help someone with something that may seem pointless and childish to them but it maybe something huge in someone like a suits eyes.

In conclusion anyone getting a job as a manager will have some problems but some may have to work a bit harder to really become a successful manager. Coming toward any obstacle rather if your a geek or a suit open minded and ready for anything will help your dominate any task as a manager.


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