Leading Geeks

We can’t live without geeks, nerds, computer jockeys, or knowledge workers the people who design, build, test, install, and support computer technology from mighty mainframes in their climate-controlled glass citadels to the humble PCs on every desktop. Movements in the knowledge economy, nerds are the most important business keys. Geeks role is increasing in business and technology. In this modern time who gets and keeps the best Geeks will win in this field. Not just getting better and stronger Geeks means enough to succeed, but you need how to work with them. Even the most intelligent, motivated, good willed geeks don’t always succeed. Success does not come only with good Geeks, but with whom leading them to success. Every manager needs learn lead Geeks to end up on best of success, especially in business management fields. Every area of business, from sales and marketing to operations and human resources all of these needs a good leader. As is axiomatic and known not easy to control Geeks, also not easy to understand their work. Their demands for funds often seem insatiable. Their deliverables are always late. Their work may be frustrating and incomprehensible. Also, there do not respond to traditional methods of lead towards success.




In business management field and leading organizations, there is not much about managing geeks. Leader always leads his followers toward success by put steps and strategies, but with Geeks could fail. It is possible that many managers are not able to manage geeks because geeks differ from other employees. Geeks in particular are a special group needs different care in an organization. Geeks Work are fully different from most of an employees, their work is always difficult and delicate. It is natural that the insurgent geeks and non-conformably, but that the nature of power renders it well powerless. These reasons have made managers less knowledge and expertise to lead geeks. Power is the ability to effect the behavior of others, but geeks don’t deliver value through behavior. They deliver value mostly through thought rather than action, so their behavior has relatively little effect on their productivity, because most theories of leadership are based on notions of political, organizational, or social power, they don’t work good with geeks.


Manage and study how to manage geeks need new studies and different thinking ways to adapt geeks and others in the business environment. We need to study detail of geeks and know their requirements and needs to work in a productive environment to succeed. Managers also need to adjust with geeks and accept their strange behavior. Work to study everything related to geeks can improve leader management of there, thus be improve labor productivity. Study how to manage geeks intended as a how to guide for those who lead, manage, oversee, invest, or participate in technology projects. For executives who have become increasingly dependent on technology and the geeks who deliver technology for their success. Necessary to study the geeks world, giving the basic tools that you will need to integrate both technology and geeks into one organization.




Geeks environment


Finally, study behavior and how to work with geeks gives many challenges to a good leader. Geeks are important and integral to all employees . Provided an opportunity for managers to learn how to leade a geeks and adapt to their needs contributes significantly to the success and maintain the geeks and recruitment in profitable and productive fields. In my opinion, and after did some research on managing geeks  in a manner consistent with their environment and their needs, give them what they need this help in how to work with them to becoming productive and useful for organizations.




Ameen Makki 


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