Learn to focus on others

Working with a variety of people can be a challenge, but over the summer I worked for my dad and brother who both own their own businesses. I encountered many different types of people ranging from rich, poor, geeks, and people who sometimes you could not get along with regardless of what you said or did. Deloy talked a lot about being able to communicate with people who are way different, and it led him to promotions and possibly jobs he did not want, but he got them regardless just because of a simple skill that you can obtain over time.

My dad is involved with plumbing, and my brother is involved with electrical service. One instance I can think of was over Christmas break my brother and I were doing a job where multiple companies were hired for this job. So we had to wire a basketball gym, and there were construction workers trying to put on metal beams and support while we were trying to wire the beginnings of the gym. The guys involved with construction were sort of rough looking, and it was hard to communicate with them because they were not the nicest people. If we asked them to help us with something they would sort of just give us a mean look like they were better than we were. After a few days working there, we finally figured out how to communicate with these people. Sometimes even in an office setting you have to learn to focus on others and learn how they work and not get caught up in how you do things and how you think of things. Working with my dad and brother has taught me a lot on how to focus on the needs of others, and also how to communicate with a variety of people.

This video shows how difficult it can be to focus on others and also how difficult it can be to communicate with others. This is a little exaggerated, but I do think this happens in certain businesses. Maybe a higher up male in a company just ignores a lower end female, due to possibly position rankings, male/female relationships/ and also they could have totally different personalities which makes it difficult to communicate.


This photo accurately describes how people communicate with others when they both have different views on things, and also do not learn to focus on one another. Another instance while working was when I was working for my brother, and we had to wire this new house. We had been there probably a total of 15 times. After we would complete a job, they would have another for us to do, and we would not have the material with us in order to complete the task. The home owners did not communicate very well with us. They were starting to aggravate both of us, more so my brother because he was the head honcho of his business. We did not show our frustration though, and we continued to focus on their needs and we completed the tasks as they came in.

Learning to communicate and focus on others will help you get further in the business world than overall knowledge in some cases. If you can learn to focus on others regardless of your position or qualification, you will succeed more times than not, because you have a certain skill set that others do not.

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