Pointing Out the Obvious

This chapter was very bleh for me. I found myself extremely bored with the information and text. It seemed to be just really basic and general stuff about working with others. The worst part about it was the fact that my group had to give a presentation on the chapter this week. We decided as a group to attempt to spic-en it up  a bit. We did this but playing a game with the class. What game you ask? We played jeopardy. We found the information so basic and boring there was definitely a need to liven it up. Otherwise we felt that the class would fall asleep on us. The information pertained.. I guess important stuff, but it was stuff you should of learned in grade school. You learned not to be a jerk and how to work with others a long time ago. And if you have not learned how to do so by now, it may be too late.

The chapter goes into great detail about how to work with others and  how to make yourself a better person to work with. Overall, the author does a decent job at getting the point across but it was just so dull and basic. Work with others and be nice and easy to work with. Think of others before yourself.


I have had a few different jobs and have worked with quite a few different people in my life so far. From Deloy’s stories it does not seem to ever get easier dealing with people. People are people and do dumb stuff. I have worked with very difficult people in the past and you really just have to learn to be the bigger person. “kill em with kindness” is a very known phrase. I will never forget (we will call him um.. “Fabio” for the sake of his privacy”). Fabio was is a group project with me last semester. When I first met him he seemed great and seemed like the group would get along great. I was very wrong. Every time we had a group project meeting he would never show. He showed one time out of the five meetings we had. As a group we decided to just work without him and get the work done and prepare. When it came time to present fabio had no idea what was going on and was mad at us for not getting his slides ready or note cards for his part of the talk. So we pretty much left him out to dry because he put in no effort. So we all gave are part of the presentation and he failed his part miserable. It was actually really funny. But we all were upset and made that he was so hard to work with. We all worked hard and worked well together. When you are working with other people you need to be conscious of them and how you want to be perceived by them as a group member and a person. Otherwise you may want to make people rip their hair out like this guy:



Overall, the chapter means pretty much do not be a jerk and think about others before yourself. When working with others it is important to be helpful, open, and easy to work with. Make sure your communicate well and clearly to get points across and just get stuff done. But yeah this chapter bored me to death and i hope the book gets better from here on out. Below is a funny video that you should watch if you read this far into this blog. Thanks for reading.. until next time!


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